Today is December 1st and it's time for SPUD!


No, not that one! Although, that is one impressive spud! I'm talking about SPUD8!


Nope, not that one either, although that is a yummy looking plate of spuds! I'm talking about SPUD which stands for STEEM POWER UP DAY and it falls on the first day of every month. SPUD was initiated by @streetstyle and this will be SPUD8! It's not hard to do and you can even win some pretty cool SPUD PRIZES!


Yep! That's the one! I powered up 196.000 STEEM.

To learn more about SPUD just check out this post by @streetstyle!


@streetstyle explains all about SPUD (Steem Power Up Day) and how you can join in. There are a few rules but they are so easy that even I could do it! If you can Power Up any steem you have today then that is great! If not then just remember that SPUD9 isn't far away and what a great way to start the New Year! Did you see all the great prizes you could win just by participating in SPUD?! Even more prizes have been added since then which are listed HERE. 😉

Anyway, I gotta go now as my plate of yummy looking spuds are waiting for me and, yeah, they are pretty yummy! 😋

Thank you @streetstyle for the SPUD and SPUD8 initiative!
Thank you to all of the wonderful steemians who helped sponsor this SPUD8 event with their donations as well!





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Spud XXL!!!


Lol..thanks so much @njord!! 🤣

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 12 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory


Thanks so much @pixresteemer and for the beer also!! 🍻

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Thank you very much @esteemapp!! 😊

Hey @deerjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER


Thank you very much @beerlover and @pixresteemer!! 🙂

  ·  작년

Yes @deerjay, congrats for your #SPUD and here a bit of !BEER from me 2 U


Awe! Thanks so much @detlev!! Beer goes great with spuds and SPUD! 🍻

Hey @deerjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER


Thanks a bunch @beerlover and @detlev!! 😊

Nice @deerjay happy SPUD !!
Also you may wish to enter this O.o
Would have sent you a heads up earlier but I've been down with the flu and in bed for the last two days. =(


Thanks so much @chromiumone!! I hope you are feeling better today! 💖

Happy Spud Day, Dee! That’s a great looking potato in the first photo. 🥔 😊 ❤️

!giphy Mr. Potato head

  ·  작년

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!


Haha @deerjay -that’s Mr. Bean not Mr. Potato Head.


Lol..It still made me laugh which is always a good thing. 😉


I got a hoot out of it too, Dee. 😂


@giphy. Here’s Mr. Potato Head.


Thanks so much Jo!! It was quite heavy too..lol! 🥔 😁

This are very large size

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Yes, it was and heavy too..lol. 😮