Powering up from the exchanges

9개월 전

Like I mentioned in my Introduction Post I decided to power-up some of my $BTC on an exchange and added it to my wallet here. Not everything, and not yet.

The power of curation

One of the interesting things about Steem is the ability to put a few satoshis into the system and then using them to support your favorite authors, creators, etc.

Someone on this blockchain said that you can't have all sellers (I will edit this post when I remember who), and in this case you can't just have creators. You need to have people that want to consume and curate.

I plan on doing both, but without SP that curation doesn't do much real good. By adding even a little (500SP to get started) I can almost move the needle to 0.01.

Give yourself a gift

So this Christmas give yourself the gift of STEEM and get those great articles trending.



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cool, #spud on @jeffmackinnon and maybe we'll also see your for #spud9 on Jan 1, 2020. Thanks and have a great day!


It will be a small power up, but I will see you there!


Thanks Jeff for your support of #spud and any and all power ups on that day are truly appreciated. Take care!