Always proud to be a part of SPUD with power up 156 Steem



Always proud to be a part of SPUD with power up 156 Steem

Hi Steemian how are you? Hopefully always healthy and creative.
Today is December 1st.
It's time for SPUD supporters to prove their love and loyalty to SPUD.
As one of the supporters of SPUD I will always be proud to be involved in SPUD. I am proud to make a post about SPUD. We can show pride to help provide support with comments, support or resteem. We can also do power ups. We can also be proud for today not to do power down. We can realize our love for SPUD by not selling or transferring Steem on this day. We can show a sense of love with all that.

Turn on a little, it proves love for Steem

As a Steemian Supporter of SPUD I am also very proud to be able to do power ups. Today I did 156 Steem power ups. Here is the screenshot

All Steem that I power up is a reward that I can post. I always feel the amount that I power up is still too small. However, I am always proud to be able to do power ups and get involved in movements initiated by @streetstyle. This movement is proof that we all have a concern for Steem.

Awareness Movement

I believe SPUD will grow as an awareness movement the need to reduce the amount of liquid Steem on the base so that it will reduce the number of Steem supplies. The hope is that there will be a higher value when there is an increase in demand and a reduction in Steem inventory. In theory, it certainly will be able to increase the price of Steem. Although we are also aware that there are still many Steemians who for various reasons do power down.
Power down is certainly a challenge for the SPUD movement to promote power up. However, beyond all that we know with power up we can increase our strength both the strength of Resource Credit as a quota for activities in Steem, the upvote value, which will make a post get a higher reward if it is updated by a large Steem Power owner, and add value to the curation that we get.
I am also proud to see that many Steemians are powering up even though it wasn't on SPUD day. That means it shows that the spirit of SPUD is already owned and in harmony with what they are doing. Especially if there are a lot of accounts with high reputation, which by default SPUD no longer includes participants and then continue to power up and be a big support for SPUD.
even I always recommend @streetstyle to count Steemian who power up even though it does not become or is included in the SPUD participant category. I hope as long as I have an account with a reputation of less than 69 and write a post about SPUD, it still counts as a SPUD participant.
SI believe SPUD's spirit as a movement sponsored by other Steemians such as @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @reflektor, @hingsten, @bippe, @detlev, @reggaesteem, @mcoinz79, @davedickeyyall, @taciyork , @abitcoinskeptic @livinguktaiwan,will grow as a movement of love for Steem

SPUD is us
SPUD is proof of love
Proof of loyalty and care
The SPUD spirit will inspire every Steemian.
So let's celebrate SPUD with Power Up on Steem we have

Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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@rokhani Thank you for being a strong and loyal Steemian. Your efforts matter here and your support of #spud is important too. Thank you again.