Spuderman will swing from 2019 t0 2020 with SPUD9



Spuderman will swing from 2019 t0 2020 with SPUD9

Hi Steemian how are you? Hopefully always healthy and creative work.
2019 is almost over. Will change to the new tofu 2020. The change of the year will certainly leave many impressions. Can a good or bad impression will all be an experience to knit a better future.
For a Steemian we should not be pessimistic. There will always be a way for us to move forward.
The change of years is just a turnaround of time that will always occur. just how we react. We should not carry out lethargy due to the value of STeem which is still moving below $ 0.2. We still have many opportunities to earn more. We have to see how the other Steemian who always get high rewards even though the STeem value is low. We can glance at @clixmoney. He never gets a low reward from each post. Finally, he as one of the creators' content in 3Speak gives a vote of more than $2 to the comments given to him. I was one of those given a $ 2.10 reward. For that I thank @threespeak and @clixmoney. This further convinced me that at Steem we can do a lot and get more value. Especially if we think more clearly. We must look at rewards not only because of exchange with dollars alone. we must see the reward from the Steem side. We know the Steem that we collect will be a source of our strength in managing accounts.

SPUD9 and new year's moment

to manage accounts so that we can do a lot we need SPUD. Maybe for those who don't know SPUD, we should explain the meaning of SPUD. SPUD is an abbreviation of STeem Power Up Day. A movement initiated by @streetstyle and held on the 1st of every month. This movement is now getting support from sponsors who have been instrumental in developing SPUD as a great movement in STeem. Sponsors such as @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @davedickeyyall, @mcoinz79, @reflektor, @hingsten, @traciyork, @improv, @bippe are ready to be the main supporters in providing prizes that reach 16,500 Steem and other prizes. We also still hope that SPUD8 sponsors like @beerlover (@detlev), @reggaesteem, @livinguktaiwan will again support SPUD9. Likewise, if you want to join as a sponsor, please contact @streetstyle
As a movement that wants to realize the need for a position as an effort to anticipate power down, it certainly takes a lot of effort. We have to have a power up. In this spirit we need to further stimulate Steem as a blockchain and as a coin we need.
With SPUD we will get pleasure and being able to become supporters of SPUD is pride. I am very proud to be in the line dreamed up by SPUD seniors. We certainly hope that SPUD can increasingly have a high bargaining value in fighting for the fate of SPUD. Of course we also realize that SPUD is only a small part. however, we cannot underestimate what we are trying to do. By being united I am sure we will be able to change many things.
Moment of new year is an opportunity for all of us, Spuderman, to change the direction of being positive. We have to see the change of years as our turning point to be more passionate and direct STeem. So let's swing from 2019 to 2020 with Spuderman at SPUD9.

Let's see on January 1 2020
Support SPUD9 by
Power up
No power down
No sell or transfer Steem

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. i hope you enjoy it.

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thanks @rokhani,
for a great post about SPUD

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It is not the value of Steem that demotivates but the increasing amounts of downvotes goven by some wealthy sharks who like to set all the rules and the lack of Steem to respond and do.something about it.