#SPUD4STEEM - I Made My Powerup!

2개월 전

I did my part. I hope that you also fulfill yours.

PowerUp is the ultimate demonstration of trust in Steem Blockchain.
With the #SPUD4STEEM initiative, Steemit users have the opportunity to demonstrate how much we believe in STEEM.

Let's support this initiative every month. Find your friends, and tell them to participate.

Before PowerUp

juan power - 001.png

After PowerUp

juan power - 003.png

I Feel Happy

juan power - 004.png

I hope you also join and participate every month in #SPUD4STEEM

Don't forget that you can also win great prizes

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Great to see you participating


Regards dear friend @sumit10698.

Good to see you powering up - every bit we power up has a positive affect personally and in the community - great work

I worked out you had a 2.4% increase - is that what you get?

steem on


I worked out you had a 2.4% increase - is that what you get?

I could only increase to 10 steem.
That was my humble contribution. But I am happy to have been a part of #spud4steem this month. Next month I will do it again.

#spud4steem - 1st August 2020

Congratulations.!! Your Blog is going through to the Cash Prize Draw.

Thank you for supporting the #spud4steem promotional event organised by @kiwiscanfly.

Your Blog will be entered in to win one of the 3 following Cash Prizes.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Cash Prizes.!!

To help support @kiwiscanfly with the #spud4steem promotional event I will giving the 25 SBD Cash Prize to 3 lucky winners as follows....

1st Prize = 15 SBD

2nd Prize = 7 SBD

3rd Prize = 3 SBD

The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced shortly after the close of the #spud4steem promotional event soon after 1st August.

Prizes will be awarded to those that have been creative in their promotion and support for @kiwiscanfly and the #spud4steem event.

Good luck.