You should become a #SPUD4STEEM sponsor! 🥔


We have some amazing Sponsors who help with prizes for our Monthly power up competition, this competition is 100% community funded and driven.


How much

500SP in the minimum amount to become a #SPUD4STEEM sponsor but you can sponsor more if you like :)

If you are wanting to also become a sponsor for #SPUD4STEEM then let me know - the more the merrier

Our Current Prize pool 26,000SP


These awesome #SPUD4STEEM Sponsors know the importance of Powering up Steem - be like them


Our next #SPUD4STEEM happens on 1 October 2021

I am @kiwiscanfly


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Hola amigo @kiwiscanfly yo quiero aportar 1000 sp para aumentar el fondo de los premios. Saludos. Y 1000sp de @hive-181136


That is very kind of you - thank you

I will do a post announcing this over the next couple of days

Have a good day and thanks again


Good work on joining in as a #SPUD4STEEM sponsor


Gracias, un abrazo 🥰

I am very lucky for the opportunity given to me through the #SPUDSTEEM Power Ups Contest Program. So I got a win this September. Thanks You to @kiwiscanfly and all kind Sponsors. I would like to be given the opportunity to become a Sponsor of the #SPUDSTEEM Program for 500 SP for this October. Thank you very much.


That is great that you wish to become a sponsor

I will do a post announcing this in the next couple of days

Thanks again 😍


I'm so glad you agreed. Thanks You for Your support Sir.


Good work on becoming a sponsor of this

Welcome to the Sponsor club

How much steem is needed to powerup 500SP?


To be eligible for the prize pool you need to start with 500SP - have a read of these guidelines which will help

I will power up 500 steem in the first week of october. What shohld i do then.?


That's good to hear - you will need to follow these guidelines and be starting with 500SP to be eligible for our Prize pool, please read them :)

Roll on 1st October

Have a good day

Preparando los motores para el Spud4Steem de Octubre


not long till 1 October my friend :)

Hope you are having a good day


De los mejores 😘

Thats really great contest, it motivate people to power up at least 500.

This is good platform for those who want to stake steem and get reward.

I need more 250 steem to make it 500 and i Will power it up.

That's nice. Please keep me updated should in case I forget

Please how can I get upto 500SP?

Can someone here delegate to me please 🙏

La comunidad #scouts a través de su cuenta curadora @hive-181136, ofrece 1000 steem para incrementar el 1er premio a 11.000 steem, y la Moderadora @karianaporras ofrece 1000 steem para incrementar el pozo del 2do premio a 7000 steem.

Saludos amigo @kiwicanfly

I want to earn SP, and approved in Newcomers community. Help would be great ❤️

Hey “Pana” Kiwi😎 hope you doing well! Preaparing for 1 October! Happy month for you and your family! Good luck;)

I will try to increase my sp to be your sponsor ☺️