JUNE #spud4steem Preliminary Results

4개월 전

#Spud4steem's June edition has come to end giving us a great base to build on as we look towards July's #spud4steem.


We have had a great bunch of Steemians from all over the world enter and its always good to see people wanting to POWER UP

Preliminary Results

So from looking at the #spud4steem tag i collated the below preliminary results and have ranked them.
Screenshot (366).png


What now?

I am thinking we will have a 24 hour cooling off period where people can message me and discuss anything or any posts related to this competition. if no one raises anything this time tomorrow i will finalize and ask the sponsors to provide prizes.

Please join me in thanking these kind sponsors


I am @kiwiscanfly
unnamed (1) (1).jpg

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THANKS GOD, what a lovely day for me...
And thanks @kiwiscanfly for arranging this #spud4steem
I have to be active and check good content to Curate, give me some tips if you have something to share @kiwiscanfly


i just sent you 30sp for coming 1st in #spud4steem
power that up :)

Well done!!!


Thank You @kiwiscanfly. Feeling very Happy
Oh it was not SP, you send me 30 liquid Steem, I just powered up with it.


Great SPUD4STEEM. Thank you @kiwiscanfly for maintaining this great challenge. Congratulations to all of us, we have all won the way to strengthen STEEM. STEEM ON!



i just sent you 10sp for coming 5th in #spud4steem

well done my fellow steem greeter


that is fabulous
Thank you @kiwiscanfly
Let's keep up the good work!

I find this competition very fun, and I hope that many people join this experience..!


i just sent you 10sp for coming 3rd in #spud4steem june 2020

Good work :)


...that´s great, thanks..!

Thank you @kiwiscanfly for your support.