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Its the 1st of July here in New Zealand which means the July #SPUD4STEEM is underway, this competition happens in YOUR Countries time zone on 1 July.

We have a huge prize pool awaiting five lucky winners who power up Steem as part of #SPUD4STEEM .

Here is the full prize list


This competition has 5 prizes which are 21 day Steem power delegations from our great sponsors, having extra Steem Power will help make your account Stronger and that of the entire community


These kind sponsors are providing these great delegations as prizes, i really appreciate the work they all do around here


Want to know the entry requirements? - here they are


Will you be a July #SPUD4STEEM winner??



I am @kiwiscanfly



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Waiting to see a record-breaking event!!!


It would be great to pass the June amount that was powered up - we will wait and see


Seguro de así será amigo @kiwicanfly.
Saludos y hasta pronto.


Saludos amigo @damithudaya, falta poco para que en Venezuela empiece la fiesta de encendidos.

Saludos y hasta pronto.

Lets power up into the clouds! come on #spud4steem!


Lets top June's total amount powered up :)


Saludos estimado amigo, Líder y colaborador @alejos7ven, falta poco para encender esos motores.

Saludos y hasta pronto.

Aquí en Venezuela aún faltan más de 6 horas, pero estamos ansiosos por encender YUJUUUU #SPUD4STEEM ya empezó!!!



Saludos querida amiga @mariana4ve, falta poco para encender esos motores.

Saludos y hasta pronto.


ohh 6 hours not long


Powered Up some, in support of the movement - not for the prizes. 😊


Thanks for that - good man

Hope all is good with you over there :)


Thanks. All is good. 👍😊

Falta 1 hora y 50 minutos en Venezuela, mi equipo y yo estamos preparados y vamos a encender después del medio día, es decir, dentro de 13 horas, 50 minutos aproximadamente. Para encender juntos.

Power Up!

Saludos y hasta pronto

I'm so excited to hear about this contest, and it's time. this is the biggest event for Power UPs. And you are very kind to have created and sponsored the #SPUD4STEEM contest all this time. Wish you always success My Friend.

Let continue to push spud4steem
Till we are be power and win 🏆

June was great. July will be more. Steem On ...

I love powerup. I powered up many times in last month. But I am not eligible for this #spud4steem. But I support this. Hopefully I can join on next event.

I wish everyone all the very best this new month

Greetings friend @kiwiscanfly

Steemit is currently on fire with the ignition of all those who have joined this dynamic.

We continue to grow.

Hi, @kiwiscanfly. Thank you for this contest. This is my post about powering up. I have powered up with 808 Steem on 1st of the month.



Just wondering, why tag that post as 'hive-150195'? I thought it shoulda been #Spud4Steem


That’s just how the link came


"Links"? Came from where?

I taggedmy recent post 'wavesducks' it didn't "came" to hives. Check it:

I so believe how small my power up is the young shall grow

Hola amigo @kiwiscanflye.
Este es mi participación: SPUD4STEEM

Emocionado!!!!! muchos saludos desde venezuela amigos