What is #Spud4Steem? | How to Enter the contest, Guidelines and Post types!


Powering Up your Steem, is a long term investment tool to drive the quality of content and pay-outs, on the Steemit social media ecosystem. SPUD4STEEM is a contest meant to help provide investment capital, which can create a meaningful increase in the overall value of STEEM cryptocurrency.

This is about leaving your comfort zone and taking the risk - of increased profit and earning potential!

What is #Spud4Steam?

In layman's terms, Spud4Steem, is a STEEM earning contest meant to raise awareness and appreciation for accounts that operate at 100% Steem Power. By making a difficult concept easier to comprehend, #Spud4Steem will reward you for making as much gain as possible in one day.

The object is to invest all your "financial" strength into the Steemit eco-system thus helping to increase long term earning value. Imagine you apply for a sales job. The shop says, we have two options for your pay structure.

  • Option #1: You can be paid a modest salary for your work - even if your quality increases, but is a safe bet that you will receive something consistently.

  • Option #2: You start working, but instead of being paid a little now, you will be invested in the company as a sort of contributing "stock holder." Overall, you will earn much more later as your value as a content creator increases.

When you do start paying out, you don't have to exert as much energy to generate a nice income, instead focus on consistency, quality and improvement.

Steemit is the type of platform that rewards perseverance and consistency, over "flash" and short term payouts.

My #1 goal, is to earn enough on Steemit to eventually replace my moms' Social Security income if - or should I say when, the US Dollar collapses. Which actually brings me to ask a question...

What Kind of Impact Would a US Dollar Failure Have on the Value of STEEM?

If you have the answer please write it in the comments below. If you don't, let's start the conversation.

Spud4Steem Rewards YOU - During 100% Power Up #Powering Up and Curating or Producing quality content, can increase your overall contest rankings. It helps intermediate users who are in the 30 - 70 Reputation Score, get over the hump and break into the 70's which generates more overall earning capacity when writing quality, BUT also VISIBLE, content. This is why #Hashtags are important to your posts. #spud4steam should be the main hashtag on each post to ensure @kiwiscanfly (content curator/main contest sponsor), can find your post.

Since I am already fully powered up, here is a screenshot of my Wallet showing my current STEEM power as of 11:00 on June 30th. When I begin the actual contest tomorrow, I will show a beginning and ending screenshot showing my gains.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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For you it is EVERY DAY STEEM POWER UP DAY! :D Congrats!

Thank you for being awesome! You just got upvoted by the @steemingcurators. We are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator02 account to support the best content on Steemit!

Follow @steemingcurators and also the official @steemitblog for info about Steemit, contests and the Daily Diary Challenge! Share your stories on Twitter or other social media to get extra upvotes. Just comment the link in your posts!

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Congratulations.!! Your Blog is going through to the Cash Prize Draw.

Thank you for supporting the #spud4steem promotional event organised by @kiwiscanfly.

Your Blog will be entered in to win one of the 3 following Cash Prizes.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Cash Prizes.!!

To help support @kiwiscanfly with their #spud4steem promotional event I will giving the 25 #Steem Dollars Cash Prize to 3 lucky winners as follows....

1st Prize = 15 #Steem Dollars

2nd Prize = 7 #Steem Dollars

3rd Prize = 3 #Steem Dollars

The Winners of the Cash Prizes will be announced shortly after the close of the #spud4steem promotional event soon after 1st July.

Prizes will be awarded to those that have been creative with their support for @kiwiscanfly and #spud4steem.

Good luck.



Thanks!! Let me know if I got any of the details wrong - I still have to do my main entry to the contest. Working on it after #thediarygame.


I am going to stick with this. When I hit 1,000 SP, I need to go ahead and power down. So, I'll power back up for September 1st contest - and then do it. Still working to understand the contest.