Four More Days for Next #spud4steem


Hand Made

I randomly noticed the article of @kiwiscanfly yesterday and got to know about this cool completion. So I also wanted to participate but I have not filled some criteria yet. But for sure I'll participate in July or August.

But if you have filled the given requirements join the next powerup on the 1st of June. The first five places will receive STEEM POWER delegations use for 3 weeks. What you all have to do is Power Up!

Here is the article I used to know about #spud4steem :

This is my handmade flower vase created using bamboo sticks. I have used about 200 split bamboo sticks for the vase. Sticks are pasted together using glue and painted using varnish.

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Your Vase looks stunning :) excellent sign as well!

Thanks for making this post and see you on June 1st


Thank you very much :)