SRL - ZONE - Quality-Based Voting Bot and Incentivized Voting - english languange version

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I'm happy to say that the initial goal to create and automate quality-based structures on top of Steem blockchain has been achieved. Bot voting @ srl-zone has been working well for 3 days from now and we are now preparing to show off our rewards distribution system that encourages users to distribute their votes and make quality decisions rather than maximizing rewards.

Bot Voting SRL-ZONE

Most sound bots require users to pay for votes or bid for other users for some votes. Other bots only reward users for using their services with little about the validity or quality of content provided by users who use the platform. The problem is the current bot generation is not strong enough to solve this problem and focus on generating revenue for its owners.

SRL-ZONE is very different, bot @ srl-zone provides some upvote based on user consensus. It also allows srl-zones to improve good and quality content and differentiate between the two and flag bad content because there is enough bad sentiment towards the content.

This is achieved by utilizing the full range of voting from full flag (-100%) to full upvote (100%). However, one of the problems with using this type of voting range is that many users have little incentive to do so and often most users leave full upvo or just a little independent of their own quality perceptions.
Voting Incentives

To provide voting incentives, voting prizes have been designed to give SBDs to one lucky voter in the voting pool. This encourages more horizontal sound distribution because there will be competition for each piece of content. By having a horizontal distribution, the creators are rewarded more effectively and thus do not need additional compensation.

we have a fair system that encourages users to hunt for that average, but ignores voters using the system to vote in full force on content that already has a lot of sound. But this system is still experimental and is under development and does not address many possible concerns. There are still ways this can be misused but with continuous development and brainstorming, we can find mechanisms that achieve the desired results.
How to Participate


The creator only needs to use the 'srl-zone' tag. After 48 hours, the srl-zone bot will vote on the content


Voters only need to vote on content under the 'srl-zone' tag. Shortly after the post gives the prize, the ballot will happen and the SBD will be sent to a voter outside the post. Bot srl-zone is not eligible for this award. and if you use steemauto then you can follow the srl-zone there with the following address:

The SBD delivered is the total SBD of this account divided by the number of posts. To maintain funding for this project, more regular posts will be written to help fund the lucky draw funds. At a minimum, as long as the project remains small, there must be a small competition for the prize.

Currently bot @ srl-zone and voting are open and running. Have fun.

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