What is steemit?

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What is steemit?

Steemit is a decentralized social media platform. Steemit rewards users for posting posts, as well as for voting other interesting posts. Your post can be a blog post, as well as video content. This steemit, built using Blockchain-based technology. More precisely, using Blockchain Steem. This has become a new way in the social media world, especially its ability to blog and gain advantage in a system based on cryptocurrency. Users can get two types of cryptocurrency. Ie Steem Power, and Steem Dollar. To get two crypto is the same way that is, just by posting, or giving a vote.

Steem coins are distributed through rewards given to pemposting, voters, Steem Power holders, market participants between Steem and Steem Dollars, and miners at pre-determined rates. So quite similar to Bitcoin, there is a reward given to the miner.

Steem functions work almost the same as Bitcoin. Can be traded, or transferred. Steem Power is a version of Steem used by the owner to vote. And that is quite interesting, is with the Steem Dollars.
Steem Dollar is provided if the user has posted a content, or has given voting posts that are considered qualified. Basically, Steem coins are backed up with USD Dollars. Even today, Steem has also been bewitched in Bittrex exchanges. Of course this certainly provides more benefits for users because more freely to trade.

What is Currency Rewards and Author Rewards.

Currency Rewards
Curation Rewards is a place where we can see all our earnings from doing UpVote and Comment on posting people. So UpVote and Comment dipostingan people are highly recommended, because you guys will also get income from it, so do not be stingy UpVote or arrogant do not want to give a comment, you'll lose your own

Author Rewards
Author Rewards is a place where you can see the income you have earned from your writing. As before, because I am including new then I do not have it, because the new income will enter after 7 days post in upload.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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