How To Earn Free Steem With SteemSlotGames' Bonuses

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Steemslotsgames is one of the new slots games platforms on the Steem blockchain. Their special bonus offers allow you to win big time!


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What Is SteemSlotGames?

SteemSlotGames is a website that offers a casino-like game. It's a bit like the classic casino fruit machine, where you have to get a series of symbols in a certain line in order to win.

steemslotsgame fruitmachine.jpg

I'm not going to go into the rules in this post - everything is explained on the site - but I wanted to tell you about the special bonuses they offer, which make the chance that you actually lose money very small. Instead, you can make some Steem pretty easy.


Bonus Offer 1

Chinese new year.png

I would like to ask you to NOT take this bonus offer

I found out that is you do take it, you will lose the benefits of Bonus Offer 2: the referral rewards. As you will read below, you can earn more from the referral rewards than from this bonus offer.

The site is celebrating the Chinese New Year and is offering every new player a Steem bonus. How big that bonus is, depends on your reputation. The bonus value starts at 0.5 Steem and goes up to 16 Steem for people with a reputation score of 70 or more.

All you need to do to earn this bonus, is log in with your SteemIt credentials, go to the 'Bonuses' page and click the 'Activate Promotion' button. You are then asked to log in with Steemconnect again.

Once logged in, you need to deposit some Steem and make 88 spins to be eligible to get the bonus. Since the minimum bet is 0.1 Steem, you'll need to deposit 8.8 Steem - in theory. You can do with less, because during these 88 spins, you win Steem every time you get a valid combination.

I deposited 7 Steem, but I discovered I could have done with a lot less.

I earned small amounts of Steem quite often, but I only took screenshots from my 'big wins'.




I won all this within my first 88 games.

Of course, there is no guarantee you will have the same kind of luck as I had, but it shows that you really don't need 8.8 Steem in order to be able to play 88 games.

Because my reputation score is 50, I am now entitled to receive a bonus of 4 Steem. Without counting my winnings, I already received more than 50% of my investment back, just by playing 88 games.


Bonus Offer 2


The site also offers a referral program.
You can earn Steem by referring other players. Once they've signed up, deposited any amount of Steem and completed their 88 spins, you will earn extra Steem. Again, the amount depends on the reputation score of the player you refer.

There is a significant difference with other referral programs, though.

Once the player you referred has completed his 88 spins, you will BOTH receive the same amount of Steem as a reward. This amount differs between 0.5 Steem for referred players with a rep score of 25-29 up to 16 Steem for referred players with a rep score of 70 or more.

So all you need to do is promote your referral link and get someone to sign up, for which I earned 4 Steem in referral rewards. Once again, this covers more than 50% of my investment.

This means that all the Steem I won is PURE PROFIT!


Bonus Offer 3

post bonus.jpg

And there is even more Steem up for grabs.
As you can read in this post, you have a chance at winning more Steem, simply by writing a post about SteemSlotGames before 13.02.2019.

Not only is it a great way to get some referrals, but when you use the tag #ssg, you will also be automatically enrolled in a contest that will reward the top 5 posts.


More Bonus Offers

And it doesn't end here. More bonuses are offered, and more Steem can be earned.

I'm only mentioning them, because the main goal of this post was to show you that, although this is a casino-like game, it doesn't necessarily mean you will lose money.

All you need to do to make your membership of the SteemSlotGames site profitable, is deposit a small amount of Steem - enough to be able to make 88 spins - and refer a small number of people.

Easy as can be.

So here's only a short mention of the other bonuses that are offered on SteemSlotGames:

big win bonus.png

This is a daily bonus that gives you an extra reward of 3 Steem when you win more than 10 Steem in one spin.

weekly bonus.png

This weekly bonus rewards the 3 people who make the most spins in a week.


By following the @steemslotgames account here on SteemIt, you'll always be the first to know about new bonuses, and new ways to profit from this website.

Meanwhile, I would really appreciate it if you would sign up using my affiliate link. Once you've made those required 88 spins, we will both get some FREE Steem.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one of the most important features of the site:

The Steem you win or get as a reward can easily be withdrawn to your wallet any time you want.

Just to show you, I've withdrawn 8 Steem - which was more than I originally invested.

Source - Click to enlarge

Please remember that I can not guarantee you will make a profit from playing the game, but the owners have put in a lot of effort to give everyone a big chance to do so by offering such a lot of bonuses.

I don't know how long these bonuses will be offered, so my advice would be to take advantage of the now, before they are taken down.

Of course, you can sign in to the site directly, but I would really appreciate it if you would want to use my referral link to do so, for reasons I explained above.

To sign up through my referral link, simply click the button below.

signup button.jpg


All images are sourced inside the post. The images that are not sourced were created by me.

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If I was not afraid to get addicted to gambling I would give it a try..... but I know better.... Great post and looks like a great referral program.

  ·  작년

I understand completely. I 'm very sensitive to getting addicted to gambling games too. One of the reasons I stay far away from the Magic -Dice thing. But for some reason I have no problem with this one.
I deposited once, played my 88 games (which you can automate, by the way), cashed out and left.
I wasn't drawn back to it since. But the referral program is so great, I simply couldn't help trying to get some referrals.

  ·  작년

As you can see in the screenshot below: just by referring one other person, I earned another 4 Steem

referral commission.jpg
Click to enlarge

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