Ebay is running an enhanced ebates coupon! Perfect time to make a serious purchase.

2년 전

So it is a great time to buy something via ebay.
The ebuck coupon is 8% or 10% depending on if you are on the computer or the mobile app but either way I can help you get a great deal if you plan to purchase gold or silver. let me know what kind of weight and metal you are after and I'll reply with a link to the best deal I can find for you matching those paramaters! lets work together.

I am not an investment advisor and this is not advice on investing I just can help you find good deals if you choose to invest!

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Thanks for the update! I love buying junk silver off of ebay!


if you plan to buy why not let me find you the best deal and use my affiliate link :o)
tho I am quite glad for the upvote as well!
I also have a Facebook page in which I post deals and update when these coupons come along. If you are interested I can link you if not I will certainly post here when it happens as well.