Gold has dropped below 1300 for now AND Ebay has a 6% reward program going till the evening of the 17th

2년 전

great day to invest!

so this is not investment advice because I am not an investment advisor but this is a deal I wanted to let people know about, between Gold price dropping below 1300 (1293 at time of post) and ebay giving 6% reward there have not been deals this good on Gold for quite awhile, overall value is likely better right now then it has been for over a decade

I am fully capable of finding good deals in the full ounce or any other range but this item is around a quarter ounce and comes in just a bit below spot after the rebate value.

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Saludos, interesante lo que aclaras estaré siguiendo.. quiero consejos sobre el tema...

eBay discounts don't apply on bullion purchases.


they do not however this is not listed as bullion

believe me, if I link it the discount I am speaking of counts, this is something I am quite good at.


trust me I'll get you better then spot deals, just buy through my links so I can get paid :O) tell me what kind of weight you are looking for and I'll see what kind of deal I can find you!