Super rich dude puts a ton of money into Gold!

2년 전

So I do not cosign any of his political ideas BUT a financial mover and shaker has invested heavily in metals, specifically gold. Maybe you should to. If you plan to buy gold let me know, I am an Ebay affiliate and I can help you find the best deals out there, it cost you nothing to have me find you deals cus I get paid if you happen to buy.
Consider it!

I am not an investment adviser and this is not investment advice it is just an example of what someone heavily into finances has done.

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I have Theories, Answers and Solutions that all of the Financial Guru's are
missing... Do yourself a favor and visit my posts... Learn why the Gold Standard will not work...


I'll look it over if you plan to buy anything online you should look over my posts I'm an ebay affiliate


Actually, I'm an expert when it comes to I haven't been doing much buying there any more, but when I did, they never saw me coming... My bids were always in the last 7 seconds...


timing bids isn't really what I do but I do get people deals they wouldn't believe from time to time