Have you seen THIS man?

5개월 전



Federal Bureau of Stackitus Investigation





Yellow male. Round head and master of disguise. Aged late 30’s/early 40’s. Wanted for investigation in conspiracy to overthrow the earth. Often spotted with little green men, and bags overflowing with dimes. Generally old, dirty dimes... soiled from years spent in sheds, woodpiles and hidden in dark corners. Often takes “REAL MONEY” and melts it down in violation of Title 18, section 333 of the United States Code.

This individual may be armed 🤳🏻💪🏻, and is most certainly considered dangerous.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local stackitus or x-files office immediately


Individual seen here colluding with “other worldly” visitors.

I knew @vgholdingsllc led a life cloaked in mystery and deception. Up until this point I felt we could still be friends... despite his dealings in the shadows. But recently, the threat he poses to me, to us ALL, has become clear.

Just a few days ago I received an ominous package in the mail. It was securely wrapped in black duct tape. Hiding any evidence of the threat within. Inside of the package... a box, also wrapped in the same menacing way. A letter was attached to the outside. One that is too vile for me to share here with you.


The box, the letter... my body was cold with fear.

What I discovered inside shook me to my core. It was a warning. Proof that VG and his “friends” were watching me. Recording my every move. I will show you this... mockery of humanity. But I warn you now, it will change you and the way you see things forever.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. 👽 .


Not even god can help us now.


Four agents from beyond. Two armed with dimes converted to weapons and levitation devices! 😳

Pleas know I have no intention of scaring you. BUT YOU MUST BE WARNED. @vgholdingsllc has been compromised! He and his extraterrestrial mafia are coming for me, you, for us all! The dimes and probes are ready!

Are you ready to defend yourself?

I must leave now. Go my friends. Hide your spouses, your children and especially your pets! No one is safe. @vgholdingsllc is waiting in the shadows....


Proud Member of:

steemsugars, steemusa, teamaustralia and steemsilvergold


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Thank you!

This warning could not have come at a better time!

This showed up at my door today!




OH NO!!!!



Oh no!? That's it!?

What should I do???

I don't want this 👇

source (3).gif


If you just relax it should be.... easier for you.

I fear the arrival of the parcel has sealed your fate.

I am so, so sorry I was unable to relay this warning sooner.

You have been a true and loyal friend. Generations to come will remember your sacrifice. Let’s hope it is not in vain.

🙏🏻 ❤️ 😢





O.M.G!!! 😅😂😅🤣 This was priceless. But beware, there are more of us.

I hope you fully understand that this 'Person of Interest' has many talents beyond what you've uncovered here and may bring those skills to bear as hard hitting counter blog, beware.


This seems highly probable as his propaganda and smear campaign (funded by other worldly visitors) intensifies!


You guys are onto me, but I can't be stopped. This is the blockchain after all. 😂🤣


I expect you to post a photo of your tin of moustache wax with a sound bite of maniacal laughter (doesn't have to be yours) from freesound.org.

Looks like they've got your number dimes-finney!

I have reason to believe @vgholdingsllc may be trying to make contact with me. I actually found what I can only assume is a secret message from him.

See attached image below...


Not only does it say, "SQUATCH" but it's written in YELLOW.

I don't know what he's asking me to do but I'll continue to watch the skies...

The Truth Is Out There.



I didn't think you would see my secret hieroglyphs meant for my brothers. We are everywhere!


Do you have a bunker or panic room. Those signs.... they know where to find you!

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Well shoot! I missed the 100% window.... 😭😭😭


I don't know if there will be many 100% votes with 20 delegators now @dfinney. But our vote value keeps growing so you got 89% of $0.05 instead of 100% of $0.02. Y'arrrrrrrrrrrr!


Y’arrrrr indeed! 💵 💰

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Hillarious post!! Love the art work.



Always remain vigilant.


I will keep both eyes open