We're still Sweet Home Alabama

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Boy! Alabama seems to be a hot topic right now in the news. Yeah I am talking about the most recent bill that the Governor signed. Now before I go any further, I will not be stating where I stand nor am I asking anyone to tell me where they stand.


Now for those of you who didn't know or maybe you have been vacationing under a rock. There seems to be some trends developing in the southern part of the United States that deal with abortion and they are causing a commotion in Hollywood, thats right all the way to Hollywood.


This is where I get confused. You see I am not so naive to understand that people have certain beliefs. I am also not so naive to understand that when it comes to abortion, you have the far left and you have the far right, with just a handful of people in the center. But I would say its probably close to a 50/50 split. Now it does seem that now a days people's beliefs seem to be a lot more outspoken then in the past.

Now before I go any further I want to state that Alabama has signed an abortion bill into law. This bill is probably the most extreme so far in the United States to get passed into law. The bill makes any type of abortion illegal, with the exception of life or death, meaning that if the pregnancy is risking the Mothers life then abortion is an option. Now it also reads that any medical provider performing an abortion could face up to 99 years in prison. So as you can see its pretty strict bill with no gray areas.


Which brings me back to Hollywood. See I personally believe that if you make your living off of the United States people, then why would you risk 50% of that by picking a side publicly? What sense does this make? Do they really think that now is the time to stand your ground, when 50% of their fans also are standing their grounds. Not a good business decision, right?

I am also a numbers guy, and after reading and doing a little research on the abortion bill for Alabama I also found this, now these are some number provided by the state of FLORIDA. You see in Florida, you must provide a reason for your abortion. Here is what I found..


Those numbers are a little shocking to say the least! Thats One state out of the entire country.

I am not sure the purpose behind this post other then the fact to point out this, it doesnt matter what side you are on, it doesnt matter what your beliefs are. What matters is that we can own the fact we have allowed the way the country lives to become unbalnaced, we have accecpted excuses when there should have been consequences for our actions. We have handed out trophies to losers, and made winning less important. I mean I could go on and on. Lets just get back to living like we are supposed too...

Have an awesome Weekend and steem on.


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Have fun in Alabama body

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Actually it does matter what side you are on.

And comparing the right to life vs. the right of women to bodily autonomy debate to handing out trophies to bunch “losers” really is disrespectful to both sides.


No actually it doesn't matter what side you are on. What matters is that fact you respect each others beliefs. The world will never believe all the same way. As far as "handing out trophies to losers" was no reference to either side, but the truth be told, if your not in first than you lost. Now I guess you could say you are the second best or you could say you where the 1st loser dont they refrence to the same? So I can assume that you do believe that we accept excuses instead of consequences? Thanks for the response @dfinney.

Unbalanced. Not a bot but woukd want someone to tell me.

Good post.

A very hot topic of debate over here at the moment too my friend. Like you said, where ever you sit on the topic, you'll be judged by 50%.

I know you didn’t ask for opinions rb, but not accepting rape or incest as legitimate reasons for a woman needing an abortion certainly does not sit right with me. And the possibility of a 99 year prison sentence for breaking these new laws makes performing this procedure about the very most punishable crime anyone can partake in.
Seems far to extreme to me.

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