Why TokenBB Chose The Steem Blockchain



So what's the big deal with the Steem blockchain? Why, even though it's currently ranked in the top 30 on CMC, hundreds of developers are choosing it to build their dApps?

We can't speak for everybody but we will share why we chose Steem and why we believe it is currently THE best blockchain to build dApps on as well as why we believe it's the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the space.

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Reason #1: Fast and Free

Steem operates under a freemium model and it's incredibly fast (thanks to the increasingly popular DPOS system). One major hurdle of adoption of blockchain is asking users to pay fees. Users don't like to pay fees to use ANY application, even if they are on the blockchain.

Reason #2: Community

Not only do you save time by leveraging the Steem blockchain instead of building your own chain but you are able to bootstrap a user base off of Steem’s pre-existing user base, possibly the largest in the space.

Reason #3: Built for the Web

You don't have to deal with private keys (thanks to SteemConnect ) nor do you have to know C++ or Solidity to create smart contracts. Just create your interface and focus on having people using it.

Reason #4: Built-in Monetization

Developers and engineers love building cool stuff but often, the development comes to a halt when there is a need to put bread on the table. On the Steem blockchain, any dApps that generate rewards can have an arbitrary reward going to the people who developed.

Reason #5: Smart Media Tokens(SMTs)

Smart Media Tokens are a token-launching protocol similar to ERC20s on Ethereum, but with all the state-of-the-properties enabled by the Steem blockchain. SMTs enable anyone to launch their own STEEM-like token with customizable features including Founders Tokens, Token Emission Rates, Proof-of-Brain, ICO Smart Contracts, and more.

The release date of SMTs is March 24th 2019...which make it the perfect time to start building your dApp and invest in Steem.

Why Invest in Steem?

This isn't financial advice and this is only our informed opinion. Remember what the launch of ERC-20 tokens did to the price of ETH? The price went up 15X within the next few months. With SMTs enabling dApps to launch an ICO, bootstrap their own economy and with Steem becoming the pair between all of them...add to this mix the social aspect of Steem and I woudn't be surprised to see history repeated.


Some investors are skiddish about Steem based on what it was 2 years ago. We've heard people mention 100% inflation rate and other things that have been dealt with ages ago. Much has changed since then and you would greatly benefit from reading this post about Steem's history and what changed since it's launch.


There is no doubt in our minds that Steem is the most undervalued cryptocurrency right now. With all it has to offer the the size of it's community, it should be in the top 10. There hasn't been a better time to invest in Steem. The question is you are ready to ride the wave upward from here.

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Ive been here for two years now and been saying this is undervalued since then. Now more so then ever.....Really hard to see why others are not realizing this.

Great post and thanks for the support of this community.


Cryptos with a working product actually have a disadvantage from those that don't


What can make you said that ??


Simplemente porque están dormidos...

Excellent points made in this post. There is a lot going for the STEEM blockchain that is not taking place elsewhere.

Also, when you look at some of the problems other blockchains are experiencing, STEEM does not have that. Even the distribution breakdown, which many on here are often pointing to as a problem is not. I just put up a post that shows how the distribution is completely shifting.

This will only make STEEM stronger as we proceed forward. With HF20 giving onboarding capabilities to the apps, we should see an explosion over the next 6 months in accounts signed up and participation rates.

TOKENBB is going to be one of the apps that helps to drive people to this blockchain.


waooo very good information thank you. Good post


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Completely 100% accurate and true.




Hello. How are you doing today.


I love the part where the smt lunch will come up by 2019.


I agree and thougt your reply was cool. Have a great week.

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Increible el funcionamiento


Excellent content :) thanks for this


muy bien,es fantastico.

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Steem has a tremendously passionate community around it and the technology is REAL.

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this ys the best..

I'll keep an eyes on it.

Excellent explanation.
A different & creative way to earn steem using social media platform.
Who thought ever that one can earn cryptocurrencies by posting and curating articles.
We all can hope one day that steem value will be at its best in cryptocurrencies market.


I agree to your delivered response to the post. Very nice.

Usually we can find cases that would have a great chance of success if they were looking for a monetization.
The popularity of Steemit and greater social propagation would be one of the alternatives to create a quality network that feeds back on itself.

Definitely agree that Steem is undervalued. Well written and succinct. Glad you guys are building on Steem.

Steem is really undervalued right now, the power of the steem blockchain is just starting to be discovered!

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You guys make some great points regarding Steem with this post. It's no wonder that you chose Steem for this project.

We are so high!!! To the top.

Wow, what an amazing concept! Just found token bb, and I'm quite impressed! Anything utilizing the steem chain is a win-win :)

With the speed of the steem blockchain and it is free you would be crazy to go anywhere else in my opinion.

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This is great to read guys and yea, many share your opinion. this is just the tip of the #steemberg.

I can't predict the future guys, but next time you feel like partying, ordering junkfood or wasting your money otherwise, buy some steem coins. They only cost a dollar per coin.

Same as TokenBB I think Steem is undervalued. It's the fastest, most versatile blockchain ever created. Steem hasn't even exploded yet and it's already doing more work per second than any other blockchain out there - last time I checked Steem blockchain's workload was at 3% of it's total capacity, but already doing more transfers per second than bitcoin and all other blockchains will ever be able to do.

To be honest, I think the only obstacle steem has ahead of it is to take the final step and be traded directly, without having to go through bitcoin. Only then Steem will know its own worth and it will stop being bitcoin's bitch following the market up and down.

Sharing this to my facebook
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I would love to make DApps but I was a Microsoft Windows Developer and I have a hell of a time switching to the OS and development platforms required to do this. My specialty was freehand 3D drawing software, with game engines in DirectX. Is there anything, steps you can recommend so I can produce something? Once I am started correctly, I fly!


Over at https://dlux.io we've made it as simple as possible to begin building dApps that interact with Steem using webVR as the engine (and now AR as well) all inside of glitch to make social development possible. If you're interested, join our discord, we'll help you build any game or experience you want: https://discord.gg/Beeb38j


Thanks for your help. I will definitely do that shortly


Sometimes, even in simpest forms of terminology seem complicated to me. But I grasp it and get the idea/picture.

Guys you are doing great job!
Resteemed, points are valid and encouraging :)

Thank you very much for the inspiration. I've been thinking these days more frequently about how to implement my systems on top of Steem and this helps me to finally go all in.

Investing Steem is really a good choice which gives 8% APR for holding SP


Not 8%. 15% of 9.5%, so more around 1.5% APR. But supply is also growing by 9.5%...



Your post on "Why TokenBB Chose The Steem Blockchain" is an especial one. In your post you have focused in some very important factors regarding Steem Blockchain. "The chart" that you have mentioned in your post is a realistic one.

Nice updated from steem blockchain , tokenBB make use of dapps built on steem blockchain to elaborate steem at form providing affordable wordpress plugin powered by incentive community forum websites with a cheap of vosy anyone e can built their own

Nice work @tokenbb

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Awesome to hear and totally agree. Good luck with the project!

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Good knowledge about steemit
And you explained in a good way why to to invest in steemit

it is great project.

Well here we can view amazing post

Well sir

Claps is your Reward. 😙😀😊😎😎😍😍😎😋😋😎😎😎😎😎

I like your content very much you have large and grate knowledge❤💖❤💖

Love ur information.

@tokenbb are you sure the steem will up in next few months?

Its a very good thing people are coming to a realization of what SMTs could do for Steem.
The ERC20 parallel is in no way a far fetched one.
Im of the firm belief that with proper marketing and promotion we could see steem in the top 10 crypto in market cap. Even at 50x even 100x price in the next 6 months.
The problem here clearly is the inability to anticipate investor perception with a lackluster marketing strategy curently in place.
Which is why its extremely important to start spreading the word as soon as possible.
Investors react to expectations on price fluctuation and the only way to affect expectation is to provide something that offers value (we will have that with SMTs) and hype that "something" to the moon.

I have a similar thinking.In general,STEEM could go to top 10.But it didn't. So ,I wish STEEM would go to the moon.Best wishes for ya.Bye

Steemit steemit steemit steemit steemit...
How many newses will be surrounded on steemit as posts. But u did something new , u thrower a question on this , and giving answer on brief.. too good work and a very nice response, keep it up and very nice work.

This will only make STEEM stronger as we proceed forward. With HF20 giving onboarding capabilities to the apps, we should see an explosion over the next 6 months in accounts signed up and participation rates...
You have perfectly explain why you chose Steem platform, yes I hope so history will repeat again and we are ready to ride the wave upward from here. best of luck for the tokenbb project.....

Thnks for your Good post 😊

@tokenbb, steem is very good platform for earning is this true? my friend told me its waste of time

I want to know how this is trending

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realy it is so diffrent project

Información muy útil!!! ;)

@tokenbb TokenBB is an important project in the crypto world built on Steem chain. Yes, definitely I am ready for the ride of big wave. I have included Steem in my Crypto portfolio with top most priority coins. Every dips encourages me to buy Steem coin. It's a utility coin with a strong ecosystem. One day I will be one of the whale of Steem for sure. I can't understand why people selling it at a cheap price? @printskill


Consider HF20 coming up soon, this fork will increase steem popularity since the acc approval should last no longer than few days. I've been talking with crypto enthusiast and engineers who has really objective approach towards cryptospace and they said that steem is one of the rare project that actually works, so it is up to us to push it on the next level. Thankfully, humans on steemit started understanding that the current system has its flaws and that we need to enhance it and embrace the changes. Keep up the good work lads.

Yeah, investors be like:"w8 what? last time i checked steem had 100% inflation!" on the other hand its not surprising, the problem is ongoing war for our attention. You look at some project, thinks "yeah its cool, but still not working i'll come later." {{2 years later}} Oh, 2 bilion market cap, where did it come from ...

Trending Point , All the best @tokenbb

We Know that Steem cryptocurrency, you are ready to Invest it here.
Then we believe that Steem will be powerded up upper ratted crypto.

hello sir.!!!!!!!!!!
what is steemit blockchain

Great post brother

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Buen trabajo, me gustó!!

Did you consider any alternatives to Steem for what you wanted to build?

You mention all the benefits and see the true potential of Steemit!

I literally just joined today but this is awesome news i love to get behind things before most people hop on board ! This is super exciting!

Wooow, you provided sufficient information!! Many thanks.

Great and very informative post

Good read will love to know about TokenBB, there is no further information on your website. please update it or share relevant information, Thanks


Steemit a great way to invest. safe and fun .. from my country Venezuela to earn more than $ 5 a month is a great odyssey ... this platform allows you to achieve great things .. Excellent post I hope everything continues to improve .. Good Vibes

hola soy nuevo y veo que el contenido esta muy acorde con la tendencia de sta plataforma saludo sigan trabajando de esta manera se les agradece

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Que fantástico 😄🙌 soy nueva en stremit asique eh de confesar que no entendí el funcionamiento por el cual nos podemos ver beneficiados con esta web. Pero suena bastante prometedor, ¿porque no inténtalo? 🤔

I like your point, I'm agree. Good Job


Great news... I hope it means better days for Steem

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Thanks for share!

Thank you so much for your post.Let me resteem.

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Thanks for the update. Its Amazing!

Two words - Fast and Free!

Nice bro <3

This decision will help you to lead the future @tokenbb we are very big community welcome to this community

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Nice, beautiful and informative. Keep sharing, great work!

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Very good in special point 3.

This is a good project in my opinion

So, it's not wrong if we choose the Steem. Then when Steem's price drops at this time, what can we do to make it even more valuable? Thanks so much @tokenbb.

IMHO investing in Steem now could be a great opportunity!!

Great one and more informative...😊

Excelente amigo siegue asi

me gusto mucho esta explicacion!

I use SteemPress with my dot com blog and I can't wait to begin implementing a forum on my site with your plugin.

Super pumped for what the next 12 months have in store for Steem!

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Incredible ,really no doubt Steem is the most undervalued cryptocurrency right now. With all it has to offer the the size of it's community, it should be in the top 10. There hasn't been a better time to invest in Steem. The question is you are ready to ride the wave upward from here.

Well this sure does sound very promising maybe i shouldn't have sold all my steem i had.

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hi @tokenbb you have perfectly explain why you chose steem platform, yes i hope so history will repeat again and we are ready to ride the wave upward from here. best of luck for the tokenbb project.

Without any iota of doubt i strongly believe that Steem blockchain will surprise everyone who fails to seize this golden opportunity now to invest in it. Long Live Steem Blockchain!!

I really enjoyed that. I've been loving Steem ever since I got involved. Maybe in the near future I'll have the nuts to develop my own income generating dapp..😃😄

Investing in steem these days is the best option. Steem service is free and have large community then the other blockchain. So it's stuff is good these days.

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Do you think it's really worth it in the current situation on the market? We've reached a very low gap. Unfortunately.
Of course, everything is starting to grow now, but it's still too early to make any predictions.

hi, how are you?

Good job

I think the guys did the right thing by choosing Steemit

What a great decision. We are happy to welcome you here.i cant wait to be an early user
Steem on

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i have never got up vote more than 5
i dont know how grow in steemit
its been more than half a year
sad feeling

Hii I requested to all all I am new Here its my first day so plzz suggest me to run steemit .i shall be thankful to you .Please visit my first blog and upvote if you like .user name @ankitjnv


very informative topic i like that !

thanks for the info - let's ride the wave together :)

this is awesome im gonna join

Excellent this nice


yes we are ready 100% to ride the wave uoward as we believe investors like you and many others will make it happen 😍

Great post. I'm currently considering invest in steem. Resteemed !

what are the underlying asset that backed this crypto currency,,the valuation are chasing with demand ,,so it is very difficult to predict the exact valuation of this type crypto currency. Every currency is backed by their country & reserve bank control the liquidity ,,but here risk are this crypto are decentralized and not backed by any asset..it's like a bubble.

Great person sir are you great person of the GOD

super good article, I fully agree with you that this crypto is still under evaluation despite its huge potential

Cool post and great information and delivery. All the best.

Dios no sabia eso sobre la plataforma, me gusto mucho como se habló sobre las virtudes y la realidad de steemit.

excellent information, helps to better understand the system, thanks for the teachings, good work

I am very interested in posting and I need help from you @tokenbb

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nice work

Good luck everyone! Don't forget to tag us on social media at @shakilbd420

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Very good information

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You have mentioned several great reasons there and I'm glad to subscribe to your mailing list now and am looking forward to the release of the alpha version of TokenBB. It will be great to see how could I integreate your solutions in some of my WordPress sites.

STEEM is THE EASIEST blockchain to use. Other blockchains make things complected and have no legit use for them. Steem, I'm using multiple times a day. And I imagine what it'll look like when SMT's are launched and the projects that intend to use SMT's will get started. People will really want steem to get involved in the SMT projects, making the demand for it go up.

This is great entry and I am looking to update my forum , and make personal forum using this

I accept the fact that steem is is the mostervalued cryptocurrency in the world

What is this?

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This is a pretty informative article. There are so many points that I do not know and every time I read more and more I am surprised by everything about this world. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Excellent decision, and you will never have to regret.

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#tokenbb thank you so much my dear this info is very useful for us .

Excelente información, no hay duda de que hay genios detrás de todo esto, personas con pensamientos futuristas que viven en el presente. El ingenio y la mente del ser humano no tiene limites. DIOS LOS BENDIGA. - Excellent information, there is no doubt that there are geniuses behind all this, people with futuristic thoughts that live in the present. The ingenuity and the mind of the human being has no limits GOD BLESS YOU.

Excelente información, no hay duda de que hay genios detrás de todo esto, personas con pensamientos futuristas que viven en el presente. El ingenio y la mente del ser humano no tienen límites DIOS LOS BENDIGA.

Hope use in blockchain program 🇮🇳

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ohh very interesting info is great for steemit have a great day

do not you think that most of the cryptos are worth entering top 10? I guess at least 20-30 nice ideas have taken placein 3 years..

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Amazing Post!

what is dApps?


decentralized applications

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Thanks for sharing. I have many things to learn. Good wishes for you.

Does Steem again take a peak point in this 6 month?

hola a todos soy nuevo aquí saludos no entendí el post pero bueno espero me sigan y nos ayudemos mutuamente

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  ·  작년

Soy un nuevo usuario en esta plataforma y tras leer este articulo me parece que voy comprendiendo un poco mas sobre ella. Muchas gracias por el articulo y saludos.

No doubt steem is valuable crypto currency.recently it's make a wide form in crypto market

  ·  작년

While I agree on most of your points, I don't think we shall see icos boosting steem price like it did for Eth but instead SMT would help give more demand for steem. Could be wrong. Also I asked this before-I think it was too late hence no answer but will Tokenbb have a easy way for authors to connect there own SMT to Tokenbb? That would make it much easier for SMT to be used. Thanks and keep up the good work :)


We are still in the design phase. We aim to start our own SMT but we are looking into how there could be a win/win between TokenBB and those deciding not to use our SMT.

  ·  작년

Doesn't SMT let use Steem and two other SMTs? So couldn't in theory Tokenbb can use its own SMT and then add a way for the forum owner to use it own SMT?

Cool 😎

I have alot of faith on the steem blockchain, if i could have more funds to buy more steem, I will at the moment when prices, are still very low.

I am a content creator.
I am a blogger.
I put my stake on the steem blockchain.

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you are just amazing, you shared most valuable information every time. i just love to read all the time! keep posting.

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Wow, its amazing. Excellent post!!!

nice post

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Every word is true. Steem is really the best platform.Even for Novice in computer world.

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Great Stuff!!! Resteemed.

Very well information

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Its really a good post and steem is avoiding many problems of blockchain unlike other apps.
It also not shows any ads in the app which is big positive point.

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I would like to know more about this cryptocurrency and if it is possible to mine it

The post was very important. We can learn something from you. Very expensive post It liked me very much so thanks.


Well done!

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its good to see us fresh newcomers have a little help wading through the confusion. Thanks!

Thank you for the information brow!

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