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Anytime activities such as lending, borrowing, buying and selling, investing, saving, or budgeting is mentioned, only one word is common to all of them - finance. Finance is very important to all aspects of human endeavor, whether personal or business as transactions or money management is involved one way or the other. And digging to the history of money, it is not surprising that money has evolved from mere bartering system to digital money backed by technological advancement.

The financial sector can be grouped into two main categories: traditional finance and decentralized finance.

In the traditional approach to finance, the government, through the central banks, controls the issuance, flow and rate of money circulating among the people. The government is the center of authority and trust with, several layers of intermediaries in between such as banks, credit unions, investment funds, and financial advisers. Opportunities available in this system of finance is limited to few individuals and businesses who have the means to access it, leaving behind billions of people at the periphery.

This led to the revolution of finance with the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, a digital currency (cryptocurrency) built on blockchain technology. People anywhere across the globe can transact without using intermediary or relying on legacy systems. Today blockchain has created an alternative economy with diverse opportunities in the form of decentralized finance (DeFi). Anyone can create or access lending products, staking, decentralized derivatives and other innovative products in an entirely decentralized and permissionless way. Even various banks, including central banks, are exploring the option to integrate blockchain into their system. For example, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) built on the blockchain can fast track interbank gross settlement, swift and low-cost cross-border transactions, personal data security, and financial system interoperability.

However, regular cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, TRX suffer from volatility issue this limiting its acceptance by brick-and-mortar businesses and merchants. This led to the emergence of stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, DAI, SAI, BUSD, and others. These stablecoins serve as hedge against crypto price volatility especially during bear markets. The stability of stablecoins may come from backings from other cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, mathematical algorithms or a combination of these.

Despite these innovations, cryptocurrency is still far from global adoption with just about 50 million blockchain wallets reported worldwide. The gap is wide, there is a need for a massive campaign that will close the gap between people and stablecoins and modern models of CBDCs.

Here comes Corion Foundation - the crusader of global adoption of stablecoins and CBDCs.

An Overview of Corion Foundation


Corion Foundation is a foundation founded in 2016 in Switzerland with the sole purpose of expanding the frontiers and adoption of stable coins, and crypto assets in general, across the world. Although cryptocurrency is still relatively nascent, the rate of adoption and real world use is till lagging. Corion Foundation has charged itself with the task of educating people with the utility and importance of cryptocurrency, how to access DeFi and as well leverage CBDCs.

The key to scaling the hurdle of slow adoption of cryptocurrency and stablecoins is mass awareness as many people, especially the old generations, have been hesitant to adopt digital payments backed by blockchain.

So Corion Foundation intends to promote and support the development of existing and new,
decentralized applications that strengthen cross-border crypto payments. Therefore, the Foundation is ready to foster global adoption of different payment innovations built on blockchain for the benefit of people all around the world.

Cryptotechnology has the capacity to onboard billions of unbanked people by enabling everyone access fast, secure and cheap payment options. Corion Foundation will converge various stablecoins, other cryptocurrencies, DeFi products, and CBDCs on its platform so that users from anywhere across the world can easily access all the information and insights needed to to be part of this global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This will assist users, irrespective of their ages and social class, to have direct access to crypto payments, stablecoins, CBDCs and various digital wallets for easy fund management.

Corion Foundation's Strategies to Driving Stablecoin, CBDCs and DeFi Mass Adoption

In its aim to drive the use and adoption of cryptocurrency, DeFi and CBDCs among global users, Corion Foundation will employ various strategies to achieve this lofty aim. These include organizing and supporting various innovative stablecoin movements and campaigns such as #MoneyInTheRightDirection, carrying out deep market research and discovering exciting stablecoin projects, writing periodic reviews and articles on cryptocurrency on various platforms, interviews with blockchain experts, scoring or rating of various crypto projects, collaboration online and offline with projects and merchants to facilitate real world success of crypto payments and various other promotional services.

The goal is to ensure that people quickly understand and leverage these emerging digital payment options and the opportunities embedded therein. In line with this mission, Corion Foundation has introduced a token solution that will merge and harmonize various cryptocurrencies by casting positive light on them. This crypto solution is called CorionX.

What is CorionX?
Corionx (CORX) is a utility token conforming to ERC-20 standards. The CORX token is designed to onboard billions of people around the world by educating them on the adoption and utility of stablecoins, CBDCs, crypto-backed savings and lending, and other DeFi products.

While there are various cryptocurrencies including stablecoins, CorionX serves as a single platform for the promotion and interoperability of all standard stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. Primarily, CorionX acts as the fuel that powers crypto adoption.

CORX utility is crucial to the stablecoin movement and other resourceful campaigns that may be organized in the future. CORX will primarily serve as a reward and access token to various educational programs facilitated by Corion Foundation. CORX holders will directly benefit from these campaigns and collaborations that Corion Foundation has with other blockchain projects.

Additionally, CORX holders will be able to stake their tokens in the Loyalty Staking Program to earn 2.5% quarterly rewards.

The #MoneyInTheRightDirection Campaign
The #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement is one of the Stablecoin initiatives of Corion Foundation aimed at promoting crypto and stablecoin adoption, and has gained tremendous traction on social media platforms.

The CorionX solution is a proactive one which is already yielding positive results with various partnerships in the bag such as Syscoin, XcelPay, CoinMarketAlert, and

The Road Ahead
In the future, Corion Foundation intends to create its own stablecoin in the future which will be named “CorionPay”. This will further emphasize the commitment of the platform to the stablecoin movement, providing global community of crypto users with an interoperable stablecoin for instant, borderless, and low-cost transactions.


But before then, CorionX is currently offering an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Probit Exchange at the rate of $0.015/CORX.

Click this link to participate in the IEO.

Closing Thoughts
There is an immense value and potential locked in the stablecoin, DeFi, and CBDC that is yet to be fully unleashed. CorionX platform, powered by Corion Foundation, will help fast track the progress into this future of digital payment.

CorionX solution ensures that no one is left behind, not even grandmas and grandpas.

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