Introducing @Stach.Pay: A Free-Write blog created to reward the Creative Commons.

3년 전

From the Stables of STACH, we bring you our newest project,, a community innovative account created to provide rewards for the creative commons seeking to get rewarded for their works on the Steem Blockchain.


The idea of this project is borne out of the need to create a truly rewarding free-write platform for content creators. Looking at the Steemit platform, dozens of well curated contents go unrewarded due to the lack of exposure of the authors who by reason of being new and unpopular cannot find their bearing in the Blockchain.

We seek to use this platform to help bring the well deserved exposure to these awesome creators by helping them free-write, offer rewards and most importantly, introduce their blogs to a wider audience.

We believe that with this model, we will be providing a fair enough reward system for those undervalued gems.

How it will operate. is a STACH Project and it will be anchored through the STACH Disord. Everyday, 2 selected articles will be published through the account.
Articles will be selected at random times from the community members who are active on the server and have not less than a 5 rep score on the sever, -(this is in place to ensure that the system works for those who are contributing passionately to the Blockchain via community participation and building.)

Types of contents.

We will be featuring educative and entertaining contents that will add value to the ecosystem. Promo-Steem, Science, Blockchain Education, Arts and Craft, Poetry, Agriculture etc
Short form post or Zappl wil not be accepted.
Once articles are published, authors will be expected to interact with the readers.

Reward system.

Author rewards will be between 15% to 40% of liquid SBD earned on the article, while the remainder of the earning will be used to power up the account which will also be used to provide upvote support for these published articles.
The sharing ratio will be based on the content of the article and engagement generated.
Reward will be paid out when the post pays out and not before.

The future for

Since we are constantly seeking ways to make the world a better place for someone, this initiative will be employ a token reward system to keep the community engaged through creative ventures. This project is in place to create an earning opportunity curve for the creatives who are earning almost nothing for their well thought out contents.
We are embarking on a well though out journey on the Blockchain.

How to get started.

Resteem this post.

By resteeming this post and every other post that will be featured on this blog, you will be helping the Creative commons find their voices.

Upvote this post.

Upvoting this post will provide a reward that will help these content creators earn something for their work which is a valued asset.

Drop a comment.

Dropping a comment will birth active engagement thereby bringing about more interactions that will spur collaboration and active participation.

Tell someone to tell someone about it.

We need planet Steem to see this project and support it in every way necessary. Every little input will go a long way to bring success to bear on this project.

Be a good sport, delegate SP to help provide quality rewards for these quality contents.

Steem Power is what is needed to bring in the good votes which ultimately will keep these awesome creators on the platform and also encourage their crafts. Delegating SP for a good cause as this will be appreciated.

Join us on STACH Discord

Image source: Pixabay

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!

  ·  3년 전

wish you the best of luck with the new project, looks promising! :)

Wow Great !!!

Welcome to Steemit!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Introbot is hosted and managed with donations from @byColeman to help make your journey on Steemit be truly rewarding. Your feedback is always welcome so that we may improve this welcome message.
Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

This is wow. This project will help and encourage many to do more on steemit. You're really out to help people, God bless you for that. Stach community is the best. 👍

Stach is the reason why I and many more are still on this platform till date. If we have more of this project in Nigeria, newbies will not have problems. Thank you @ejemai for this selfless service.

Really good initiative. Is there a tag to use to get upvotes from, or you need tp post your content on the discord channel for it?

This is another great initiative from @stach. The initiative is superb, I must say, and very encouraging for steemians. #Stach-Rocks. #Resteemed

A very wonderdul initiative to support the community. @ejemai I really like the way you think. Always thinking about the community - like a loving father with so many children and strives for all of them to be successful. God bless your good works. Amen!

Wow this is cool 👍🏼

This is a commendable project that has my support. I have upvoted and I have resteemed

Finally I stumbled on another reason to remain on the blockchain courtesy of @stach. Welcome baby we promise to make you grow and give birth to greater babies like you.

This is wonderful
Just wonderful welcome on board

Let's keep adding value to the community...

Stach at it again, always bringing help to the helpless

This is a great initiative and I hope to be a part of it

The stach team keeps surprising us.

Way to go

This is good initiative, those unrecognised post keeps the community going. It's good to recognise and reward them.

Thank you Stach for this.An opportunity for all to grow especially newbies.

Wow.... I'm wowed!
Weldone Stach... The future is bright and we'll get there

This is a very lovely initiative... Kudo to @ejemai and the rest of the @stach community for this innovation... I hope you all achieve your goals...

Yay! This is wonderful. Hey Creative Writers! This is an awesome opportunity, if you're not on the @stach discord channel, what are you waiting for?

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I hope to make good use of this opportunity stach has given us yet again. Welcome

This is commendable. This will go along way to help many who are at the vedge of quiting because their post are not recognised. Thanks @ stach for the initiative


This is for the community and we are sure everyone will be the better for this initiative. Thank you.

Yaaaaaay!. It keeps getting better. @stach is doing impressively well and this is just anothet amazing initiative with
I love this.

I believe this will help a lot of people in the community both offline and online. Great initiative

This is a wow project from STACH

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Hi welcometo Steemit!

guide to set profile and background photo in steemit

  ·  3년 전

Stach is indeed about community. This is one of the proofs.

Let's give a voice to the Creatives.


Yes, let's give the Creatives a voice.

This is a great innovation!

This is another wonderful initiative from the stach community. It only proves that stach is all about family and rewarding active participation. Nice one


Thank you.

Great initiative indeed. Kudos to team @stach

My community my life!!! Big ups to @ejemai. Your ceaseless effort to make this platform beneficial for all will never be hidden. Bless

Stach to the moon, this is laudable.


Good initiative. This post have been upvoted and resteemed to my followers as my support to you on this community. Follow @giving-girl for more random support.


Thank you @giving-girl for giving your support.

Yo me uno al proyecto. I joining to the proyect.

This great, I won't pretend I understand everything about it. But from what I understand, I like it already, because it is a platform for writers to get rewarded.

Thank you for this platform.

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Great initiative I see another emerging force to reckon with being a Pet-project from @stach. Am sure that the promise to encourage "creative commons" and "undervalued gems" in the steemit platform. It is a good development and I support it. @liltom, @evegrace @steemitanalyst @steemit-tools, @daronbush, come and see this.


This is great! I'm happy to hear this @ejemai. Welcome Your mission will surely come to stay

Great innovative initiative stach. Ride on!

I felt home now, This is well development in the steemit blockchain, its very welcomed project and I am glad I found it. Thanks.

Great initiative. ...I hope you achieve the purpose of the community.


well done, nice project!