DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT AN OPTION, you should never endure.

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Tears ran through my eyes after thinking for a while. He had beaten me blue black, can't really remember the cause of the argument but I am sure it was something quite stupid. He said I was making too much noise in the background and he would come and shut me up. I told him to please talk to me as a wife not a slave, the next thing I was on the floor, he hit me hard. My hands were at my back, he dragged me through the floor to the bathroom. He grabbed me by the hair and put my head into a bucket of water. I couldn't fight back, I was tired of it all, I knew he won't kill me, I didn't have the strength to push him. Once he raised my head, I was so relieved and gasped for air but he put me in and brought me out again. He then slapped me. I decided to pretend dead so he can stop but he didn't. Then I wondered, does this man hate me so much to hit me even when I pretended to be dead, he hit my supposed dead body. We weren't like this but he had turned into a monster and I have endured it for so long. I called my sister that night, I begged her not to tell anyone. Then she made a statement that changed my life for ever. She said, "you can't change a grown man only by God's grace, if anything would cost you your peace then don't afford it." I knew my neighbors had known I was a victim. One night after making his meal, I added the hemlock I bought, It causes slow paralysis. This man ate my meal without even thinking I could kill him, I didn't want him dead, I just didn't want him to hurt me and my kids again. I made sure I did that in all his meal for a week. I saw the stroke and paralysis kick in. Then I left. I left for good! With my kids.IMG_7072.JPGIMG_7070.JPGIMG_7071.JPG. Are you a victim of domestic violence, speak out. Never stay in a abusive relationship. As women, we should help eachother and give ourselves the support that we need. If he hits you then he is not human, there's no excuse for a violent outrage, you're not at fault.

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