Love Triangle; I have to make a Choice!

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You realise the importance of choice as you grow up in life. It's scary because of the outcomes from decisions made over time, yet it's the most easiest thing to do.

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I have these two young amazing beautiful ladies in my life. If you know me before now, you would know I'm not really the ladies person but trust me, I love' love. I love to have that one person I cherish alot and adore, & ofcourse, she has to feel the same way about me but it doesn't really matter if we're not in a relationship though.. I'll still be fine. Because I'm still learning the whole relationship thing you know.... remember my series.. that's my life story I was telling.. so you wanna know me a little? Go through my series...
‎Back to these two amazing ladies... I like them both.. y'all can say I can't Love two people at the same time, although I've never really had any reasons to doubt that but I still think it's not working..I can actually love two persons at the same time for their different personalities..
‎okay back to discussion again.. they both got the ICB's.. intelligence, character & beauty... Which is even making matters a bit more interesting.. but there's an issue.. the one I really want can't work because we're in something together... Like a team,, and someone very important told me something that you can't have affection for people inside, only compassion is allowed but for outsiders you're free.. and she likes me too atleast that I know..😏..

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then the other is good.. amazing and beautiful too... Thinking about starting something with her but I don't want this other one to be sad... You know how this thing is naaa... Now I'm stuck with this... '' I have to make a choice''... Which is it gonna be?
Can you help me out here please...?

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hi friend @formatwitha follback and upvote me thanks for u ..

Lover boy........ 😂😂😂😂😂 One thing I know is... Eventually you'll have to choose, and only you can make that choice.

And it's not true that you can't have something for someone inside, it's just maturity in how you handle yourselves that count.


Lol... Thank you K. You are just wonderful