The woman. A question? Or the Answer.

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Honey!!! I'm waiting for you.. what are you still doing inside ??
Baby I'm coming.. I'm almost done here
( Just wait there ni.. u think say I go c'mot for here if I no finish this make up.. you don't want me to look beautiful too. Smh 😏 )
But honey I thought you was done with your make up already before now, you started that like an hour ago. Do naaaaa..
Baby just hold on.. one minute. ( One minute kwa.. wait Ohh.. me I'm just about applying foundation now.. )

Josee 20180329_232346.jpg

Can't deny.. having a beautiful life is amazing.. people are asked sometimes, what kind of a woman do you want in your life?
‎The answers from questions like this is amazing.. people always have that mindset that.. there's that perfect woman out there with all they're qualities they been seeking .. but the hard truth is no! Nor is there a Mr. Right out there for you ladies. One thing you have to understand is.. for the ladies.. a Mr. Isn't made up of all the qualities you desire in a man but it's made up of just a few qualities. You can't have your cake and eat it too. But surely you can have your cake and taste it.. lol if there's anything like that. Let's say you want
‎|Handsome young man
‎|Got money, like he's working
‎|God fearing
‎|Tall / short /Fat / Thin
‎|Fair/ Dark/ Chocolate in complexion
‎|Nice dressing sense/ Swag
‎|Good manners
‎|likes partying/ Hates drinking alcohol
‎| blah-blah-blah... The list is so long that effeil tower is termed a dwarf compared to it. Out this list now.. you might see someone with 8/15 or 10/15.. or carry the vitals there but lack one very basic thing that's very important to you... It's always like that..

Now for the guys.. y'all wanna have tha hot lady.. someone who's wild but not too wild but an amazing person.. that's intelligent and stuffs.. my own kind of woman is very simple...
I'm first attracted to intelligence, character and beauty is 3rd on the list.. smile is another thing that gets to me.. but I might just like you for just the fact that you have a very beautiful smile.. that's all.. nothing more.. but that can't determine my choice in a woman.
You might say oh.. only these 3 isn't enough.. yea I know . But that's my choice.. but one more thing.. I believe you can make the woman you want. People respect people power and money. God respects your faith and results. So I say why not use your faith and get the results for money to gain people power. There you are on top of the food chain immediately. Or you're saying it's too difficult. Get money and make the woman you want. Money makes the world go round. Every problem today is because of money. If you really look at it.. money is everything. But it's a thin line from loosing your way. Because even the Bible states it.. the love of money is the root of all evil. That's a topic for another day. Money is a tool.... It's to be used, don't let money use you.. it's the instrument and you're the user not the other way round.
So for the guys... Get money! It's very simple before thinking about a woman. Forget about the fact that the ladies loves money.. just get it first. Then apply my principle... Intelligence-character-beauty. The ICB coupled with money makes the kind of woman you want anywhere.


Then for the ladies... It's quite simple. I know y'all have that notion that when a guy wants you.. you gotta put up those defences if he makes it through then he's the one because before he succeeds.. you must have known him to an extent that you're satisfied with... Sometimes.. infact .. me personally . I don't like fighting for things that are proving difficult. Esp if it's a woman. I have this ideology that I make the woman I want so if you're giving me attitude I'm just gonna draw myself away from you.. I really hate it when a lady disrespects me.. so if I see it's because I like you and I've lowered my ego Wall abi self esteem just to talk to you and play with you.. and you insult me in anyway esp in public.. sorry. Me and you.. it'll take the Grace of God for us to be together. Basically.. you have to have a good laid out things you want your man to possess yes. No doubt, but make sure when you see someone with the virals up to half of your list... Please biko accept him. With you by his side.. he'll accomplish alot because he won't have to disturb his mind about women again as long as he loves you.


As for me.. I want the ICB then a woman who can stay.... Right now.. my life isn't the normal one so I need someone who can STAYYYYYY... very important.

What's your take though..?
What's your type.. ? Comments of opinions will be highly appreciated..
Talk to me..

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