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What I think about OnePageX

I feel that OnePageX will be a welcomed development to the present advanced cash circle and will give welcomed contention to organizations like Shapeshift which is one of the more predominant minute exchange organizations which could chop down organization costs. Organizations like OnePageX in like manner make it less complex for the typical customer to have the ability to exchange advanced cash for the ones they require without having to login to an exchange and make obfuscated looking acquiring and offering orders which is the circumstance with your present exchanges. Giving ease between exchanging a motivating force between different computerized monetary standards will help drive allotment as non particular customers won't be separated by complex structures or overwhelming customer experiences. OnePageX keeps it clear and customers can see absolutely what they are getting away from the exchange with only a few endeavors at the same time. Finally with OnePageX's smart exchange program we could similarly watch alt coins that would commonly fight to get volume since they are confined by the exchanges they can be recorded will right now have the ability to pull in more prominent endeavor as customers don't have to make a record with various exchanges to trade any more. OnePageX and organizations like it are not only valuble to the end customer and helping drive gathering yet furthermore all computerized cash reaches out as it makes it less requesting to move a motivator every through system where they are required. I foresee OnePageX putting it all out there and including new money related principles just as possibly releasing their own one of a kind nearby wallet or teaming up with common hotwallets as their preffered minute exchange procedure.

My contest entry


These logo i made because of the name of the company.onepagex

An entry for @mediawork contest



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