How Stacks City’s Smart Wi-Fi Ad System Would Make A Huge Difference In Today’s Era

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Hey there peeps! I’m back again for another blog post. This is going to be my first blog post for the month of November.  

Just like you guys, I can’t live without internet connection. No matter if I use ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data, internet really matters to me. 

Most of the internet users right now are coming from the Asia Pacific (and I’m proud of that since I’m from the Philippines). They access the internet for the purpose of doing social media activity, playing online video games, watch videos and so on. 

No matter where we go, we always ask or search for internet connection. Like in restaurants, coffee shops, malls or so, most people are always asking if there’s a Wi-Fi access or not. I can see that most people don’t want to stay in an establishment much longer without the presence of Wi-Fi. 

When my family and I are owning a mini-resto and coffee shop before, we have bought our own Wi-Fi router. I was thinking back then like monetizing our Wi-Fi access from our customers. My dad liked my idea, but we don’t know how to implement it in our business. 

Malls and other huge establishments are generating income from their users using their own Wi-Fi ad system. However, only those establishments can afford to do that because of the advertisers. This is the kind of idea that I shared to my dad. However, there’s another setback if we would do that. 

There are tons of advertisers who lost their hard-earned revenue due to ad fraud. No matter what traffic method do they have, it would only end up to generate bot traffic and not from real targeted ones. However, this kind of issue would end anytime soon. You know why? 

Thanks to the presence of disruptive #blockchain technology, there’s a new project that uses the Smart Wi-Fi ad system that would be a win-win for both router owners, advertisers and users. 

Without further ado, I would like to share some reasons why Stacks City would be a huge difference maker in the Wi-Fi industry. 

If you want to know how Stacks City works, you can watch this one-minute explanation video:

Now that you've watched the video, it's time for you to know why Stacks City could make a difference in the Wi-Fi industry.

1 - Router owners are making money   

Now this is what my dad and I have been planning all along before I knew Stacks City Project. I see various establishments that are giving Wi-Fi access to their customers for free. Sometimes, they need their customers to order food or drinks first before granting them Wi-Fi access. 

However, thanks to Stacks City, router owners of various establishments can now generate income from it. Aside from their traditional sales, they would earn extra from their customers who gained Wi-Fi access from their router. When a user sees an advertisement before accessing the internet, the router owner would automatically earn income from it. For me, it’s absolutely a cool thing to do, especially in our family business.

2 - Say goodbye to ad fraud and intermediaries for advertisers 

One of the common problems and issues that the advertisers nowadays is the performance of their ads. Years ago, it was recorded that advertisers are experiencing fraud in their clicks and impressions, which results for them to lose a lot of money. Not only that, intermediaries are somewhat painful for them due to increased costs. 

The good thing about Stacks City is that with the implementation of the disruptive blockchain technology along with location-based advertising, it would finally end the issues that these advertisers have. Because of blockchain technology, it creates transparency where advertisers can see all activity on the blockchain. Not only that, it cuts out the intermediary from the game that would finally reduce advertising costs. 

3 - Outstanding transmission distance, bandwidth and deployed locations

This is something that I was totally blown away. You want to know the reason why? It's simply because StacksCity itself has something that no one else can. When it comes to their transmission distance, it could go up to more than 18k, which is highly impressive for me. On top of that, the internet bandwidth can go up to 2,000+G.

As for the locations, it has more than 5,000 already and more than 26 provinces have implemented Stacks City within their area. I believe that by expanding more in other parts of the world, especially the Philippines, Stacks City would be huge in the near future.

Final words about Stacks City project

All I can say is that with their state-of-the-art project concept, I have no doubts that they would succeed in more years to come. The adoption would be easier because router owners and advertisers can easily be attracted when it comes to generate revenue and solid real user traffic as well. 

The roadmap is somewhat convincing for me, as I believe they’re on the right track to make this project realistic in the long run. Lastly, the entire development team and partners on board are doing a great job in making a huge difference with Stacks City. I honestly believe that with Stacks City, it would stay on course and improve the Wi-Fi industry.

There you have it guys! At least, I have shared to you the things that I liked about Stacks City Project. I hope this blog post helps you a lot to learn before deciding to go on board with Stacks City. Don’t think twice or hesitate in sharing this blog post of mine to your crypto friends out there, especially those establishments who are having their own routers. 

For more information about StacksCity project, you can simply go to their official website right here. Not only that, you can also join their Telegram community by clicking here

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You can also watch my video about Stacks City here:

To your future success, Stacks City Project!

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