B3 coin and 10000% staking reward until block 80k

2년 전

Long time no see folks.... I have been on a 3 month road trip and having a blast... As we get closer to Winter Ill be posting much more....

Came across this coin a few days ago....

Although much remains to be seen, it has an active community and the opportunity for an affordable masternode is currently possible at 2 million coins.

Check out the short video.


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Happy to see you back and posting on Steem homie. I got my cryptopia account ready, so I have access to some of these lower market cap coins. I am considering B3, but I am really wanting to see the answer as to the coin supply question that you brought up.

I'm not sure if you've looked into SmartCash, but @crypt0 just did a video on it. Not quite 10,000% staking rewards, but it definitely has an interesting incentive structure.


Ive been hanging out in the Discord channels of B3 to find out more regarding the total supply. Its definitely the main question along with how many coins will be requires to run a MasterNode.
I am looking into SmartCash...saw the same webcast by @crypt0.
Be well friend!

Thanks for supporting the B3 community man, great job!!! I created a how to install and setup the wallet and join the pool: https://steemit.com/b3/@subze12o/b3-wallet-setup-and-community-pool

Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!

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