How to Become a VC When You Have No Money And No Chance.

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How to Become a #VC When You Have No Money And No Chance.

#1. find an investor for #AOE.


  • Anyone can be a VC. (Venture Capital Investor)
  • Vc’s don’t invest their own money, they invest other people’s money. (Most of them only required to put in 1-10% of fund)
  • Most vc are useless losers & lose 90% of the time after saying no to 499 out of 500 startups & then don’t beat the index of 1.3x (I love VC, don't get me wrong here, I really appreciate a good VC, but lets' all face it, this system is completely broken, wasteful, & just plain useless)
  • Most #GP’s and #LP’s aren’t very happy with their VC because most VC suck. (999 no's to 1 yes, & then lose 90%?)

Kaufman Institute did a report of hundreds of VC & found that 90% of them do not beat the stock market 10 year return of a mere 1.31X contrary to the snarls & complaints & brags endlessly in response by the VC.

They found that if you just dump your money without thinking into the stock market that you would be better off than giving it to 90% of VC.

Most VC deals go to Late Stage companies, NOT REAL STARTUPS.

Obviously everyone knows (unless you were frauded by the media & incompetent TALKers) that Startups are Pre-profit, Pre-investment new businesses & ideas in a box or on paper or some myriad of that but definitely not in profit yet and can not get to profit without capital injection and once they are in profit then they have finished the startup stage and are now a successful finished up graduated from startup company and now a successful business in growth stage.

Since most VC do not invest early stage, do not beat the stock market, and don’t invest their own money but have funds, ANYONE can raise a startup fund and be a VC. (Because you can beat them, invest early, & beat the market.) Now, you won't be able to raise as much money as they can, but you can Still begin as a mini-VC and work your way up & beat many of the others. Most are not that good.
Disclaimer** = (I'm encouraging them VC, don't kill me just because I'm saying this okay!? We all know that there needs to be MILLIONS more VC, LOL. I appreciate and LOVE good VC. The mistakes many make are very frustrating, don't flip me off merely due pointing it out, that's Also a mistake.)

It helps of course the more “Credible” you are but even a hustler could pull it off if you look at the high level of success of every dogshit scam that’s out there in relation to the low level of support that real missions of merit actually get early stage which is next to nothing everyone knows this. (A lot of scams raise money easily due greed factor but the stable winners don't, why? less greed factor)

So, what are the best ways to become a VC?

Well, let’s look at what a VC even does.
They say NO to 999 to 399 to 99 to every yes they do & every company they look at. Totally useless losers, completely totally incompetent. They do nothing but say no. You DONT want to be a useless loser like this. You want to be a success.
*Disclaimer = I love VC, don't get me wrong. But this is actually quite terrible & wasteful & not the leadership needed. Of course VC are so needed & so valuable & so important to Startups & many other businesses. I ant great VC many to invest in my company & I appreciate them. I'm not saying they are terrible & I don't want anything to do with them that's not what I'm saying. I'm emphasizing the failure process here & I'm teaching new guys that they can do it better! & all VC also should too.)

With numbers like that, these people clearly have no Fng idea how to find a good business. Would you seriously have to look at 100-400-1000 businesses to find something that makes money? The stock market already has thousands of companies already making money.

There are millions of businesses all over the world that are not on the stock market that are already profitable and making money. Millions of them could grow at scale very fast if they could get the money. There is zero excuse for you not being able to have a number of 1 in 5 or 1 in ten or 1 in 20 businesses when then really nitpicking down to the best one and that's even a bad number.

After years of doing this you should know exactly where to go, exactly where to find them and exactly how to narrow down and find great businesses to invest in and scale and what kind of founders to back and what design and model. Clearly most VC are totally useless at this and there is no way in hell that 99 in 100 nos could ever be something considered as competence let alone high performance.

All you have to do is be better than the existing VC and sell this to people.
If you are “weaker” in terms of attracting investment, ie a starter not a superstar, not an IVY leaguer and non-established, it helps to partner with others from the financial or investment industry or even begin a mini fund and it doesn’t matter how small just start something and start it today.

Steps to BE a VC.

  1. find an investor for #AOE


  1. Start today investing. It doesn’t matter if you only have $100, just invest it in something good. Start with AOE. You can run a demo investment portfolio as well and track it and publish this as you go. Make your thesis and begin your fund and begin it right now, who cares how small it is, make your chance and make it right now. Shut up and do it or stop talking about getting into VC. invest something, it doesn't matter what it is. if you can't part with $50-$100-$1000 or $50k to something awesome if you can get it somehow, you aren't cut out to be a VC.

  2. You can borrow money to build a portfolio. Get a loan as big as you can and invest it. With interest rates so low, you have to be practically useless at investing to not earn at least something on the stock market doing this passively over time (5-10 years) You have to invest anyway in your retirement plan and believe you will make money or you would cash it all in & run to the hills so shut up and do it.

  3. Invest 10% to AOE (or just go all in and start pumping those fists and screaming in excitement)
    If you are broke with no borrowing capacity, then start building the credit up for this as soon as you can, make this your plan. Don’t talk VC if you aren’t doing it. Prepare to raise online also on every kind of borrowing and finance platform there is. You can also sell your shit, you can buy it back later anyway. Have 50k worth of liquid cash gear? Want 500K or that 50K only. Make the decision.

  4. Find a deal for AOE. Take a startup and do what VCs do. A good VC doesn’t just invest other people's money and run away he invests and then IMMEDIATELY sells the investment to other investors to get follow on capital. If you are not willing to take AOE and sell a deal to us to financial planners, advisors and other VC and brokers and investors, then quit talking about VC you are not cut out for VC, think about it. You don't want to do what every good VC does. DO IT.

  5. You have to DO the actions that good VC do. Many VC don’t even do this they just toss money like chips at the poker table, other people’s money and then do nothing but go back to golf or posting food porn pics on twitter, they are useless and lucked into VC or have rich family or got rich in 1-2 investments or their job as a coder or a different industry or did an exit in one business but are useless at picking others. Just look at Twitter, what a disgrace. The worst feeds ever are the VC feeds. The most boring the least leadership the least change anything just dead, investing in nothing exciting. Juice apps and craps. Garbage. There is so much room to be not only a good VC but a Killer VC.

  • Now you have done at least one deal, you have invested in a startup, and you have leveraged to invest in a startup and you have gotten others to follow onto your deal. You are a VC. You also have now invested in the hottest real tech startup in history AOE and began like this and that’s impressive to everyone and you have something hot to sell to everyone.

  • If you invested $50,000 or more congratulations you sealed your future and will be rich in time. You can also tell that to everyone. A VC has investments they have skin in the game, it’s not all someone else's money, thats a shit VC a loser not a real VC. Real VC go in and deep on some also even 10-20 % of the money and if they had the nuts would even go all in on at least something. (but this is rare of course and can be done with an AOE but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it with others)

[ 7 ]. Join the angel investment networks in your area and go to all their events and add every single person to your database and start emailing them once a week with a newsletter what your fund is doing and how progressing.

  • Ask for their help, ask for investment, ask for them to join, ask for their investment recommendations, ask for their investment thesis help, ask what they want you invested in and why. Report the best ideas to your whole list. Sell them AOE every time.

[ 8 ]. Make a VC video cast immediately. Do a video 2x a week. Promote AOE on it. Sell your investments. Sell your thesis. Invite guests and invite founders to pitch and critique them. There are endless founders wanting to pitch. Get angels on. There are many angel investors and while its hard for founders to get them to respond it’s easier for a VC to get them to respond. Get financial planners on and advisors and brokers, they all want more promotion for free.

[ 9 ]. Raise money in a crowdfunding campaign into your investment thesis. Sell AOE.

For those who complete steps 1-9 I will give you a list of 36,000 VC for free with all contact info. This is worth over $10,000. FREE but you have to complete steps 1-9 first. I will help you with who to contact but you have to contact them.

AOE Solar flyer.png

Find a team. It doesn’t matter how crap they are just find one make one. Lone star VC are rare and people don’t give funds to beginner lone star VCs they want a group. That sucks but it’s fine you can lead the show or build something. Add better people over time and the bad ones will probably drop off anyway in time but just do it or shut up stop talking about getting into VC, DO IT, GO INTO IT.

No one cares that much if your team is crap they just want you to have something. You aren’t building a management style one guy runs the show business here so the company doesn't political focus group itself into the 66% failure rate tailspin that marriage startups suffer to total loss of VC investments, this is them giving you money, they would rather give it to a panel of managers hashing out ideas not just some random guy like a technology innovator with high value tech and old dog football coach leadership skills, that's different.

Find financial planners and advisors to build this with on a demo basis for free. You don’t need to sell them to invest in you, try it but in your pitch at least get them to if not invest them make sure to join the demo team on the fund and if you have different investment criteria then make a separate fund with that guy but at least make one with him so you have progress. You might pull one into VC with you in time.

Once you have 3 to as many as 10 demo funds like this, you now have up to 10 funds with financial planners (or others). Holy CRAP! Think about it you now are running 3-10 funds with financial planners and advisors and brokers. Use this to get a stock broker or investment banker into a fund also, even a demo fund. While VCs don't usually have a number of funds because they invest in nothing, 1 in 1000, unlike a 500 startups with hundreds of investments, you can run 10 demo funds. It’s easier and less risk obviously and easy to do passively. Some VC do run a good number of funds.

When you have real money you have to tighten it up but when you have no money its good to spend more time finding something to sell of value (AOE), and then work on your funds and thesis (demo funds practice) and networking and formation.

Make a 'fund meeting' in your community teaching people VC. This can be done part time its fine the market never sleeps anyway. Once people see what you are doing, they may invest. Keep promoting your thesis and why it beats others. ALWAYS invite all the local VC to your meetings. Invite the media and invite economic people in the government and everyone else.

Invest to AOE or you shouldn’t even be in VC at all, skip the whole thing just get a job because you suck at VC completely if so, that's the fact.

Now that you are a VC in practice literally operating as a VC, we will move on to the investment part. (You notice that I DID NOT start with that right?)

Try to find a mentor from a VC but do not focus on this you don’t need this and it will take forever and waste a lot of time. Forget that, but do the above first and then go find a mentor as he will want to keep you close anyway because they like DO-ers not talkers and teet suckers. DO, dont suck teet. If you aren’t willing to do these steps above, shut up and stop talking VC you aren’t cut out for VC.

Go to some startup centers and take all the pitch decks and talk to the founders who have gotten deals and stay in touch with them. Find out the deal terms and conditions they got so you understand what’s going on. Find out what they liked and didn’t like. Ask them the scams tricks and pitfalls in VC deals and what they hated and what needs to be better. Write it all down, the good and the bad. Your fund will do all the good and eliminate all the bad. Ask them how to be a great VC and whats a shit VC. Eventually you can learn all the scams VC pull so you can add those things to the list of what NOT to do. DO NOT sit there endlessly saying no to 1000 things. WASTE OF TIME!

Watch crowdfunding online for startups early stage

Watch Sharktank ALL OF THEM EVERY EPISODE RELIGIOUSLY. If you can’t, how will you ever get educated on late stage investing? Shark tank is late stage investing it’s not startups. Those are already built businesses with revenue and profit and sales and marketing and everything built without the investor its a complete and successful small organic business that is NOT a startup. Identify those that have great growth potential especially those they said no to. Learn how to see them BEFORE they are all built without your money.

A Startup has no profit and can not profit without the capital and isn’t built yet or half built and cant stand alone yet without the capital. Anyone talking different is a liar, that’s fine but know they are bullshit. Maybe educate them maybe take a pass.

Of course ONLY do this in the most financially transparent and accountable way possible and try to do it in a way where you do not control the money but a third party escrow controls all the money so that people can actually trust you with it. Separate yourself from the money in a professional manner.

Make contact lists, learn how to mass email campaign with mailchimp and others. You will need a big database. You will have to learn how to be a master of CRM and contact management. You really only need to know how to use google sheets thats it. You don’t need an actual CRM though it helps later and some use these very effectively of course. Over time mastering drip marketing and email newsletter marketing will go a long way & also social media marketing. FACEBOOK is NOT a professional business tool and no excuse for a contact list, neither is linkedin. Only a database is (google sheets fine). if you don't use one, quit VC.

Investment thesis.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 7.31.25 AM.png

Don’t invest in anything that can not profit 100% guaranteed on a set fixed investment amount and they know exactly how much this is and exactly how they will do it and exactly every dollar they can itemize. If someone doesn’t know that, pass! NEXT! Learn to know what those points are and then you never have to stand like a moron in 10,000 pitches just to choose one and lose 90% of the time. You go find them like going to choose an AOE.

Go find some profitable businesses that can be scaled fast. Example is one franchise that could easily add 1-5 more with scaling funds and balloon the profit. It is very easy to find such companies. I will help you find them when you complete steps 1-9. I will give you databases and lists of companies where you can see how much profit they have. Don’t start too early stage, take the easy road, path of least resistance. Then work your way down.

Those businesses that can profit early, fast and know how much, under a million etc, then scale and know how, you invest something into them on your demo fund for early stage. Separate early stage and late stage already built, two different funds. Have both in demo at least.

BIG TAM, Good product market Fit, Good demand, easy to get customers with low investment. Low to no CAC.
No consumer product as 97% of those fail in first year.

Try to always choose sole founder as those do not fail 66% of the time like marriages do, and are way more stable, reliable and do not explode in total losses as often. They don’t have the politics going on thats why, its a real business not a focus group and someone’s life and character and house is on the life or death of it. You want winners and success and steady steps forward not losers. AOE will be your home run anyway and you may find others.

Invest in mission oriented do or die founders, not those who are not 100% into it, only those 100% into it. You don’t want possible losses you want life or death guys who have to find a way to make it or they are dead and will lose everything. Their very identity is tied into the business. If you are gone they will do all they can to succeed and have to they have no choice. Thats what you want, you don’t want to have to drive and you want passion you want urgency you want hunger.

Invest in those who have done something before, not the wet behind ear kids unless they can profit very fast and cheap. If they have something like that then you will be pretty foolish not to invest, you just have to watch out for them quitting and moving onto something else. You need a deal that if they do that that your investment also carries over to the next thing they do whatever that is.

Never invest unless the founder will sign over all his sh*t as collateral even if he has little. If he wont, pass move on he has zero integrity, loser, scammer. Many guys will do it. If he has no conviction on his success, next! Pretender!

Get the lists of "Why startups fail" take them to founders like AOE and find out what is real about it and what is total bullshit. Don't listen to VC about this listen to the founders. Many VC are the reason the Startups fail. Only the few good ones admit this. Most wont, they want to pass all responsibility to others and never want to be held resonsible.

Invest in low cost markets if you can (AOE) this has more risks but also easy to fast profit if done right.

Invest in marketable businesses that once they are built that everyone else will pile on on top of your investment. If its hard to get out, dont do it. If its easy, then that’s better.

If you don't have a plan to get others to pile onto your investments, you are not a VC you are useless. Leave VC.

Stay away from consumer crap, period. Stay away from high cac IT businesses, period, stay away from cryptos, period. Stay away from non-scalable businesses unless it’s easy to get back out. Stay away from SASS without the customers & make sure it's Low CAC.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 4.56.22 AM.png


  • Make a pitch deck for the fund
  • Make a website for the fund even a basic free one it doesn’t matter
  • Make a financial plan for the fund, a goal, a thesis, and a list of dos, don'ts, investment criterion, and continue working on it. PUBLISH IT ALL unlike other cowards.
  • Separate your early stage fund from your late stage fund but have both. Real VCs are not late stage. There is no REAL “venture” in an already profitable business that's already built without you, a successful business.

You can also choose to "Piggyback" that's going to startup centers or talking to VC signing up with them to be a small fish piggybacking onto their deals. You get to see what they invest in and choose what you want to invest in or not. It's like an LP or GP but not. You do not have to follow everything that VC does and your exit is not controlled in any way by that VC you are totally free and independent. Some VC hate this some allow it.

Get access to the free startup platforms to see what is funded recently. This is a chicken shit method but a lot of VC do it. You contact the founders and ask their plan to profit and will they get there in this round etc. If they will then you piggyback something right there and if you don't then really you are a useless idiot. Make sure though. Check the politics inside the company. Check the setup. Check the mental illness problems and the values of the founders if they actually have any at all. This is very very important and where many VC fail.

If you are doing all of this above, you will be moving on an inevitable path to success. You can do this part time and on weekends. If you work on it, you can do it. Its a choice, do or don’t and if you aren’t willing to do it, you are not a VC mentality and you will fail at VC. if you are willing to do this guaranteed you will succeed and there is nothing that can stop you.

Weekly routine should involve at minimum 5-10 hours calling investors to sell them on at least one investment. AOE is your first one there you go done. VCs that aren’t selling their investments to other investors are not in the VC business and are useless garbage VC.

Email but also call. Send on social media as well.
Every day you should sell your portfolio on social media to others and your vc to others. If you aren’t selling your portfolio to others to pile onto your investments, you are one useless VC.


If you don’t do steps 1-9, seriously and you know you know it, you are not cut out to be a VC. Do the proper steps, make the decision, make it happen and get the job done. Use the blueprint, get in touch and make it happen. I have many more tips of course and could write books on this if i wasn't making every possible tech on earth in my free thinking moments. That's what I do. You do your job VC, selling AOE & your investments and portfolios and a thesis and helping get those startups what they need to succeed.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 5.47.31 AM.png

So, VC action steps? Or find another job, which one is it? This is how its done. Do or not do, Live it or live it not. VC is a life a choice a routine a set of actions, it’s not a wish it's not a teet suck it's not a hope someone will give me a fund bullshit.

Call AOE. If you don’t, don’t talk about VC. VC needs leaders, not losers.

Why am I not in VC? I made 3,888+ Breakthrough CleanEnergy Technologies. This is my job. You investing in me? You selling the shit out of me to others? That’s your job. Do it. The World Never Changed Itself. WE did that.


Thx for your support! with how little of it we get from the establishment and climate TALKers & so called “Impact” & “DevOrg” Industries, every little bit of it counts a lot!

thx 4 the upvote!


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I hope the VC aren't angry at me for saying they are useless losers! Of course I don't mean that! That's just to encourage the new guys to know that they can do it better!!! And they CAN!

Okay, okay, maybe SOME are really that bad at investing! :D
Don't twist my rubber arm! :D

Hey my video link isn't working! I'll have to fix that!
Here is a backup!