What Differentiates Startup From Regular Biz & The Problem Holding Back Startups in Funding.

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Do YOU want to Support & Invest in Change The World?
How is it done?
It's Certainly NOT done the "Establishment way" who held this back from humanity for the last 150 years & is STILL doing it now.

So, a "#Startup Funding Consultant" (He doesn't do #Startups) says on his profile that a proper match for him are companies with at least $500,000 of revenue. NEWSFLASH. That's NOT a Startup that has $40,000+ a month in revenue (generating 4-20,000 profit, or ANY profit which = NOT A STARTUP

Now, I'm not bashing him, I'm very interested to have him & every other guy farm deals for us all through our entire future, but someone has to speak out about this. A START-up IS NOT A PROFITABLE FINISHED UP. Startups DO NOT HAVE PROFIT. You have GRADUATED STARTUP THEN.

Just because the Morons in the Pay for play, Build NOTHING Ads platforms called #media, DO NOT understand the Startup business model, DOES NOT mean anyone else gets to lie about what differentiates "the STARTUP business model" from "the Small business as usual" model

Small business as usual is ORGANIC & often profitable early & thus no one needs to pitch to anyone in these businesses if that can work. (Buy this for 50 cents, sell it for $1) That's the old school style & obviously much harder to achieve today than it was 30+ years ago.

But in today's economy, for most of industry & products, you of course need money to manufacture the foundation of not only the first models, commercial models, then the actual company of hired staff etc, but you need capital to produce enough goods to sell to make that very first profit. This is where the Startup business model was formed, to design the business on paper, then go sell it to investors to get the money & construct it. (Construction loan style but for all the money & without the collateral, more than what a bank will do of course).

What differentiates STARTUP business model is:


THE MOMENT a Startup is in profit, it IS NOT a Startup any more. It is now a FINISHED UP, SUCCESSFUL STAND ALONE COMPANY.



Juice company, ALREADY selling juice, AT A PROFIT, with 10k revenue a month & 2K profit/m

IDEA for a juice company, not selling yet, business on powerpoint, seeking 250K to build first phase, will NOT profit <1MM =STARTUP

7/ If you have a SUCCESSFUL #BUSINESS, INN PROFIT, You have no business in a "Startup Center" Because you ARE NOT A STARTUP. Any "Startup Center" with such businesses inside them for more than a quarter, IS NOT A STARTUP CENTER.

Shark Tank DOES NOT FUND STARTUPS. (in general)


Shark Tank generally DOES NOT fund businesses with small revenue, EVEN WHEN SUCCESSFUL. They want 700,000+ a year in revenue (in general.) Have you ever seen them fund a REAL STARTUP? On Paper? A presentation? Actually I don't think I have.

Of all the startup funders that are out there probably only 5% fund real startups. The others are follow on losers who don't fund real startups. Now of course there's nothing wrong with funding earlier stage successful companies that's fine the economy needs that. However that's not what really builds the economy. That's not what funds the future.

Now of course they're making a contribution, so take this with the proper sense, but we're talking about driving real change driving real Innovation driving real "change the world" which obviously happens at the idea idea stage and bring that idea into the world bring the idea to fruition and making that idea happen, making it reality.

That's really Innovation, real Innovation is something brand new. NOT Something already built it's something brand new. And real economic growth is about brand new. Something existing is not economic growth. Growth is brand-new jobs. Growth is jobs that don't exist today. And in order to get jobs that don't exist today you need one thing and one thing only. Funding. Without the funding you're never going to get accelerated growth. You're only going to have the status quo.

Without funding you only have organic economic growth. And organic economic growth is very very very slow & prone to a huge myriad of disasters. In order to get proper growth and proper acceleration of the economy and proper growth and proper acceleration of innovation, in order to build the technologies the companies and businesses and the economic development future that we all need, you need investment led growth., And without it it's never going to happen.

You're not going to get 3% 4% GDP per year without investment-led growth. Today we have over 1 million tech for Dev innovators around the world engineers in general and when I say Engineers this is not computer engineers this is REAL engineers, so, guys designing factories guys designing industry guys working on engines, working on energy working on power plants working on infrastructure working on real industry. And no one wants to fund these people despite their businesses being way more secure & successful & reliable than what siliCON valley funds.

The population is going to double in the next 40 years so you need at least two times the jobs that we have now. You also need to have better jobs than we have now, you also need to have all the infrastructure who supplies those people, you also need all of the technology that solves all the problems that we have now that limits our ability to grow.

Everybody knows there's an incredible number of ideas out there and an incredible number of innovation and Technology out there. The problem is that is not being funded. The money is all flowing in One Direction. It's all flowing into Ponzi schemes in Silicon Valley and gambling casino tables and internet casino gambling and Bitcoin casino gambling and all kinds of b*******.

It's not being distributed properly into new businesses, startups, small businesses, independent innovators, innovation in the undeveloped economies and the Emerging Markets it's not going there. We all know this because anyone can go to talk to any Venture Capital investor and they will tell you immediately bragging like it's somehow not a complete sign of absolute idiocy & incompetence "I look at a hundred pitches to 400 pitches to a thousand pitches before I invest in even one of them". You could never find a better example of failure and incompetence than this.

And they don't touch things like energy and clean energy, and they don't even want to look at anything that's outside of Silicon Valley. Now that's changing but it's changing very very slowly. And the world cannot afford to have that happen the world does not need slow we can not make the changes needed with that slow and the world needed record speed in human history 10 years ago 15 years ago 20 years ago 30 years ago we needed that speed and we didn't get that speed from the failed leaderships of the current Politics the people who are in office today and the Deep state.

So one thing I notice about so-called startup centers is many of them are not even start up centers. The reason I say this is because they do not deal with the investment side of the equation. And if you do not deal with the investment side of the equation then you are not a start-up Center. Because the startup business model requires the investment side of the equation it requires the Investors.

You do not have startups and without that and the investment-led business model you don't have a startup you just have small business as usual you just have status quo. There is no start-up without investment. If you're starting a business and your building it all yourself organically the old-fashioned way from 40 50 60 years ago the same thing, that is not the startup business model that's just the same old same old as the way that things have been done for the last five thousand years.

There is nothing new about that there is nothing investment about that there is nothing IPO about that. And many of the people working inside of these so-called startup centers they don't even f****** know this. But these people are really incompetent they have no idea what the hell is startup even is some of these people.

Now that probably is not happening in Silicon Valley but it's certainly happening in a China or Singapore or a Cambodia or a Canada or these other places that you have these NGO type workers the government type workers the social services type workers that don't know what the hell they're talking about and they never made a business they're not in business they're not business people.

They just have some government type job some agency type job to be a program manager for a government program waste money kind of b******* and they're never going to see or be a part of an investment deal for the rest of their lives.

These people are pretty useless people really. Now they all sure think they're special when you talk to them you can see their attitude very quickly most of them. And they certainly don't like anyone talking like this haha. You know they all want kiss ass so better play the game a little bit but be smart enough to know what's really going on. I think they make all kinds of excuses these kind of people they say you should still be around these kind of centers or what not to make these relationships or find people and that maybe will invest in your company or you building together or something.

Bullshit that's not start up. So they're making excuses they're lying instead of solving the problem. Instead of building it properly instead of participating in startup business model they're just making a lot of bullshit lazy incompetent lies, garbage excuses preventing doing it the right way they don't want to do it the right way or they would.

Them doing it the right way would be them having to make some actual phone calls or some actual human contact and doing some actual selling of the center selling the startups that are in there, selling the businesses and they don't want to have to do that they just want to sit around, do absolutely nothing and people come in and they do their little webinar talk and then field maybe two or three questions and then go back to their coffee and their government handout liberal social entitled life.

Every startup Center should have a government fund or two or 3 to invest in startups it should not be one out of a hundred startups one out of 400 startups get funding it should be like one out of one out of five one out of four one out of three one out of two, this should have been happening there should have been an acceleration from startups that got funding from one in a thousand down to one in a hundred down to 1 and 50 down to 1 in 5 this acceleration should be happening all the time but it's not.

In fact in many countries what we see is the opposite in even a huge country like India is actually gone down, startup funding, this will be the sixth year in India that startup funding has actually decreased year over year in a trend. They should have invested to AlphaOmegaEnergy but instead they invested to Beard Wash. When I told them I would get their money back from their loss in Beard Wash they didn't even respond.

In a Cambodia there's been no change at all no meaningful change in the last 20 years. Despite billions of dollars a year for decades in waste and fraud in the NGO & so called Lying devorg industry there is no meaningful change at all in start-up funding in fact there's still no start-up funding in the entire country not one VC and not one real fund, there's a bunch of fake but not one real startup fund in the whole country.

You still have these losers from fake development boards that really do absolutely nothing except waste tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars a year and make maybe half of the money go missing out the back door in fraud malfeasance and embezzlement, they're still funding $250 to $3,000 after 6 month programs to the winners and everyone else nothing and lying that this is startup funding and still no promotion program and snot nosed clique bank kind of attitudes.

What the hell are you going to do with $3,000? Maybe by a single computer and and that's it. That's not startup funding. That's like a miniature microfinance. Now sure that's better than nothing especially in a super poor country but there's no excuse for that there's no excuse for having such a bad situation when you're sitting on stock portfolios of hundreds of millions of dollars behind the scenes for these ngos and investing in American stocks instead of investing in the stocks of all of these little companies.

There's no excuse for having the connections in the rolodexes and supposedly the qualifications to build something which they really don't have cause they never built businesses before there's no excuse for these people to not have 20 to 30 real start-up funds in here a like 20 million dollars plus and those funds all funding $250,000 a pop. 10 Investments 2.5 million 100 Investments 25 million. There should have been at least 10 of those 5 years ago in here there should be at least 20 of those today and that's not even doing anything special at all.

That's just like your basic KPIs of what should be happening for these development works, by now they should have hundreds of stocks on the stock market, but they don't even have one in the entire history of the country. it's such a F*ng joke if you know anything about how things are supposed to be done you can't stand being around these people even.

And that's what's happening across the entire world. Not as bad as you know these emerging market economies but, you know it's happening in many of the Cities across the United States is happening in many cities across Canada across Europe, and it's just unbelievable I mean a situation of total incompetence and it's due to a massive deliberate hold back and garbage attitudes of these people that are inside at these organizations they don't want change they don't want to get up off their ass and their heads are so fat you and noses so high in the air they attack the world changers they never actually support them and don't want anything to do with that.

So there needs to be a real overhaul and gutting of the system I don't think that that's going to be happening today or in 5 years from now it's so bad and actually anybody was talking like I am about building real leadership driving real leadership and those kind of people are instantly ostracized excluded attacked by these kind of total losers inside these government entitlement communist type of lazy Do Nothing achieve nothing build nothing wait until everything's built without them before they ever do anything kind of total loser people.

So they create these environments of stagnation, zero excitement, zero real building, zero progress, zero investment, so there's never going to be any speed out of that or coming out of there there's never going to be any attractiveness I mean you're investors aren't going to flock to that and you should never be waiting for investors but these people are they are sitting on their asses waiting and you should be going after them but they're against that they have attitudes totally against that.

They have exclusionary attitudes not inclusionary attitudes. Progress to these kind of people is "okay we achieved our quarterly webinar we got two or three questions that we allowed at the end it and sent everybody off we got everybody into a picture that we can use to scam more Government funding another 10 million for the next year congratulations everybody let's go have a drink at the Riverside.

We gave you know 50 checks this year for $250 we called them all startups and congratulations "we launched 50 start-ups this year" great we did our job we're so great we're so awesome and we're so much better than everybody else our shit doesn't stink don't let those guys talking about real change anywhere near our meetings or what we're doing don't answer their calls don't answer their emails.

I mean Silicon Valley what do you have. You have venture capitalists some of the richest so-called most successful, the richest so that's what is the Judgment there in Silicon Valley is how much money they have, it's certainly not how many deals that they funded out in the Emerging Markets or undeveloped worlds or how many people they got clean drinking water how many people they got toilets and how many people they got energy, that's not even a subject in a Silicon Valley.

But they all talk change the world right. They don't want to have anything to do with the world the outside world. They don't go out into it they don't fund it they're not interested in receiving pitches from there they don't even want to talk to anybody that's not in their clique, they don't want to find The Outsiders they don't want them calling them they say don't contact us we will contact you, convince our Clique the people in our clique that you're who we should be investing in otherwise don't call don't Contact. That's the Silicon Valley attitude and mindset.

There has to be some different in there but I sure haven't found them yet and no one has known any nor introduced any in the last 5 years and no one really has a reputation for doing otherwise but of course that could be a media thing the media doesn't cover those kinds of people they cover big money big centralist progress & celebrities not builders & then political slander clickbank non stop and lying whatever the corporations or deep state orgs & cartels are paying them to lie. They don't talk about charity, not ever.

So, that's a wrap for this article which began as a few tweets in response to the total achieve nothing for the world lunacy of "Startup Deal Facilitators that DONT help Startups" (Late stage hey I'll still be talking to ppl like this but don't blame me if they go last in the pile to all the others if there are others because they didn't do anything when it actually mattered)

Support our Startup, Invest in our mission our grind our battle our war whatever you can because as you know the establishment has never, does never and will never support the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators even with 3,888 Breakthrough CleanEnergy technologies #1 in human history they would rather murder another 80 million people before they even raised an eyebrow and then they will STILL do absolutely Nothing.

Thx for your support! with how little of it we get from the establishment and climate TALKers & so called “Impact” & “DevOrg” Industries, every little bit of it counts a lot!

thx 4 the upvote!


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