STAR WARS ukg/rebel legion Costuming *rebel of the year award*

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Hello fellow steemians ,

So today I am going to share a little bit of what I do in my spare time. also along with my Rebel of the year awards

As a lot of you on here I am sure you like/Love star wars well so do I ..

Well I go a little bit Further I am apart of a costuming community Uk Garrison and Rebel legion uk , We are a costuming Group that Raise funds for charity and entertain the public at Comic Con events , Charity Events fund raisers AND SO ON .

Approximately 7 years ago I attended a Comic con as a normal customer dressed up in my home made Darth Talon When I had A member of the Uk Garrison approach me telling me I had done an amazing job at making my costume and I should have a look at joining their community and taking it to the next step To which it instantly pushed my intrigue and curiosity .

As of that day Joined up and began making my costumes I was hooked to learn so much about these groups I started with a JAWA , to which once was made Ended up clearing 100% movie accurate , and also proceeded to make an Endor rebel trooper with the SHADOW UNIT 77 in the Rebel legion Uk , Which is my main costume at the moment .

Last year we Attended LegoLand London to which WE as a group raised £15.000 for charity
but as we go on over the weeks I am going to bring you in on more that I do

So Here we go please do enjoy these pictures :) I will explain each one and also will Put pictures of my awards up too ,


Yes the red one is me , Character name ( Darth Talon )


Doing my make up for Darth talon used to take me some time !


So the above pictures are of me as Darth Talon before I became a member of the rebel legion and uk garrison ,

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Ok shall we move on I am going to shove you some pictures of our group and my cleared 100% movie accurate costumes Everyone in these Groups are amazing we have such a big story to tell Every single one of us made our own costumes and this is what we love is making children smile , Enjoy ,


How amazing do the costumers look ? , Yes I am in there :P ,

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My Endor Rebel troop this was a charity event where we worked alongside Warrick Davies what an amazing man to work with we all had so much fun this day .

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Shadow Unit 77

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Goofing about is pretty funny too

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This is why I do what I do , I love to make and help children believe in the characters they truly love and think are real , wait WE ARE REAL

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Last night at the RL Bash march 2018 , I recieved rebel of the year away I got the Gold Patch :)

and I also recieved this one ,

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Anyway I hope you Enjoyed what you see , . If you did and want to see or hear more about what we do please

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hey deeviras, I just showing some love to steemit starwars fans and mention you in my last post

What car does the jedi's drive?


oh wow Thank you very much @toresto this is such a lovely thing thankyou xxx


and thank you for creating great content


Many more to come when I am better I will be back online got a sinus infection at the moment so cannot think straight to even string a post together , :/


Looking Forward to Hearing From You, by the way Have you seen the post I did where you featuring, it's about Star Wars Jokes, and you one of the stars.

but most importantly get well


I will take a look now , I havn't seen it but on my way over :)

How amazing is this, I love Star Wars and never even realised you did the Star Wars Costume community - amazing photos. Damn, I'm going to get @techmojo to buy me some lottery tickets because he must have all the luck in the world! That Darth Talon makeup must take forever to put on - and take off again, no idea how you have the patience to do it but total respect it looks stunning.


I absolutely adore costuming @c0ff33a , Talon was my first kit before uk garrison 501st and rebel legion scouted me , but yes the make up does take forever , I will never forget once I used some airspary face/body paint but used a sponge instead went to the event as talon but when it came to washing it off it kinda ended up NOT coming off , my face looked like a plum for 2 days straight and yes I mean bright purple the air spray colour had soaked into my skin hahaha