Mandalorian Armour cosplay comic-art

2년 전

I found this amazing photo post from @darxide403 about his Mandalorian cosplay armor. photos made by his 5 year old daughter.
I love to place Cos-players into the right environment, in cartoon style...!
I asked @darxide403 if I could use one of the photos and after I got confirmation from him I did my thing....!!

here is the end result.

mandalorian klaar met randkl.jpg

this is the photo I used.

His reaction says it all....!! "That is awesome! I would love to use this for a cover pic!"
that is why I make these pictures in the first place, free and for the owner of the picture to use. I have a lot of fun making these pictures, they are good for my creativity, I always try to put a story in the pictures.

here is where you can find the original post from @darxide403:

If you like what you see, my fellow Steemians... yes... you...!


send me your cosplay image or link to a post of the image you want to be changed and Cartonized and I see what I can do, if I find the time, hahaha

to see other examples of cartonized cosplayers...
for more fun and other stuff... @elohibaluk and @news-today

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And I have indeed put it as my Facebook and Steemit cover photos. I even took a little inspiration from this and made my own in this style for a profile pic.


Thank you again for this!


I love your comment on the picture on facebook, thanks for the compliment, did this with much pleasure, love to see that you use it..!!