A glimpse of the Arizona State Fair

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I'm in Arizona with the kids to visit my folks and on the way to my folks house from the airport yesterday I noticed a billboard for the state fair.

So we lit on out an hour before it opened today and got there just is time for lunch (they opened at noon).


Now those turkey legs look good but I settled on the flaming hot cheetoes pickle and a slider kabob!

A little later the boy and 12 (my 12 year old daughter) went on the crazy ride in the gif at the top of the post. I don't know how fast it was going but if I had to guess I would say #muthafuckinfast.

So I just held down the shutter button on the camera and I got this lovely shot.

Let's zoom in...


I just showed this to the boy and he could not contain his laughter. Funny guy :/

We stayed about 3 hours and just got home, everyone is in a deep-fried coma but we are leaving in 15 minutes to meet up with my brother and his family for dinner at a place called The Singing Panda, where, I believe there is a karaoke style stage show during dinner!?

Wish me luck...

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OMG!!! That pickle thing is what I sent you in the photo!!!! 🤣😂 Did you actually eat it⁉️

The photo of the boy and 12 is amazing. Their faces are filled with glee! 🖕🏻

The dinner place looks crazy. The Summertooth fam knows how to turn it up. 🤘🏻

Good to see all that fun. In warm and sunshine.


Yep, ate most of it and I'm sorry to say it's all hype. Tasted like a pickle with some chip crumbs on it. :(

Hahaha! Fun stuff... Good luck my friend, let us know how it turns out!

Love the finger pic. !BEER


I thought you might. I texted that picture to his mom and all she said was, "FINALLY!" Baaahahahaha. Here's a free one for ya.

Hey @summertooth, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Oh man looks like the good home town fun I like!! Amazing and happy you guys ticked the fair!! Thanks for sharing!

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It was a good time @dwingsworld! I was glad I saw that billboard.

Oh goodness... what fun!!!!!!

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It was an unexpected good time @silversaver888. Most state fairs and done by mid-October.

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How fun the state fair looks. Love the flipping of the "bird" !tip


So proud of him @bethvalverde, he is just like his dad in so many ways.


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