Shitcoin: A crypto awareness for useless tokens

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For every project there is always on joker either in the planing or in the implementing.Sinc crypto became worldly recognised, we have see a lot of tokens and crypto-currency arise and fall within the twinkle of an eye.Lots of time, we invest today and regret tomorrow and sometimes it is the other way round.Thee is no logic behind the blockchain but just to watch and be wise.

Lots of times some set of investors and project makers play on people's intelligence by swindling them for their hard earned money. It is left with the adopters to use their head or get swept away by the tide called greed. This is what this particular dapp I am to talk about looking to either make the market or break it.

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you shitcoin, the token that has no beginning nor an end.No plot or settings to its story, everything about it is shit.

Firstly, this shitcoin is ranking on the game list of the stateofthedapp and I would implore you not to waste your time to check it out. Kindly go for other ones with better value and time engagement.


Shitcoin from the URL can be seen as a joke token, it clearly ends with fun.According to the webpage, it was created by Icarus aka Shitoshi which I bet is an pseudonym for the founder.So whoever created this token is letting us know that it is just for laughs. It has no whitepaper, neither does it have any originality.The team behind it are hiding there face from people like me so as not to be ridiculed.This is the king of useless token and I have no understanding why it was created in the first place.
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Another ridiculous great thing about it is that, they have pending partnership with people that are still hanging in the space I assume.They also made sure to make it an ERC-20, what a joke.

To advance the crypto world by having a larger token supply. Bitcoin only has 21 million. Ethereum has 100 million. ShitCoin has 1 trillion. Which makes it better.

The above comment was dubbed from there webpage, here they are telling us how reasonable the coin is and why they had to go print it in a ridiculous shitty way.So guys, 1 trillion of the shitcoin is available for your use.You should be glad to also know that whales will be given preferential treatment because they will be allowed to be early adopters and liable to private sales.So tag a whale to tell a whale that something shitt is available for them to invest in soon.


Shitcoin was created to provide people with the uncanny knowledge of what shitcoin truly means.This is why they are going to be sending letters to merchants nicely so as to encourage them to adopt this token for digital payment.You need to pay for some vegetable,use shitcoin ahhahaha.

As you can see from the road map above, they have a vivid imagination of what will become of shitcoin tomorrow, nowhere and an unrealistic map is presented on the webpage.


I think that this project was created to make people laugh and also to sensitize us about crypto.How there will be fly by night project like this that are nothing but shity in nature.They are also tying to tell us to be careful of what we invest in and try as much as we can to read everything relating to the project.This is why the absence of whitepaper was stated and also pending partners.This 2 points are one of the key factors of a project.


Do not waste your time and effort to check out this project because if you do, you are wasting your time and energy into something unproductive.
I will be rating it 2/5 which is simply because they paid for domain to host their shit.

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