Crypto Sword & Magic, not your usual blockchain-based game

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Crypto Sword & Magic

Blockchain technology has since surpassed building of light applications to check blockchain transaction but now into complex app development, within a short period of time, numerous web Dapps has been built on it with most tied to the gaming industry.

What differentiates the blockchain-based game from our normal or everyday app is the ability to provide incentive where users are able to earn passive or substantial amount of funds.

Majority of such incentive centers on in-game market, where players can trade items (craft or mine) within themselves and the method of payment is usually the linked cryptocurrency or probably a token.

The idea of trading is cool as it provides players with different opportunities to sell varieties of items usually ranging from epic to legendary and most games go as far to make these items to have a limited supply, thereby creating a high demand which in turn, an increase in price.

What if there were other means to earn, rather than solely depending on item trading? That would be the dream game right? Well, that dream is no longer far but already a reality as the game Crypto Sword and Magic offers exactly this.

Crypto Sword & Magic is a blockchain RPG game built on the EOS chain where players have to defeat different monsters while raiding dungeons to defend the earth from a wave of upcoming monsters. To do this, players would have to pick and train their hero by upgrading their equipment and learning different fighting skills.

The character selection is made up of three different classes (warrior, priest, and rogue). Players can only make a selection of one class and build them up using different types of equipment and skills set.

What makes the game unique or probably different from other game Dapp is the incentive to earn which is completely different from item trading (although this is still available), I guess something was needed to attract more players if truly they stand to be the best, hence a boss raid mode was activated, this menu provides a weekly reward that gives each contributed player certain amount of EOS based on their fighting contribution, be it healing, damages done, and others.

Moving on,



Crypto Sword & Magic is available on multiple platform and players can easily import their account to any of these devices at any point in time, all you need is the supported wallet to be available on your device. That said, you can play the game on IOS, Android, and PC (web browser).

The major requirement is to own an EOS account.

This can be achieved via different means, and one of such means is via TokenPocket mobile app, you can install from playstore and follow the onscreen message to get started.

Next is to purchase and stake little CPU, NET, and purchase RAM, or you can simply rent Rex for this option (it cost less, but remember, you are renting, meaning the resources are not yours but limited to the number of days you rented it for.)

If all was successful, download the game from cryptoswordandmagic.

For this procedure, we shall be using an Android device, but the same procedure is applied if you are using an IOS device.

Crypto Sword and Magic supports four different wallets on Android device, which you are required to have one installed on your mobile device, for simplicity, download TokenPocket. Install the app and import or create an EOS account.

Launch the game Crypto Sword and Magic and click on TokenPocket, you will be directed to log in with your password, type in the right information and give some seconds to load, as a new user, this might take a little time to fully open. Follow the onscreen message to get acquainted with each key function.

Features of the game

Like most RPG based game, users are able to control their character using specific patterns which are shown to users on the first startup of the game.



The hero menu shows the items currently equipped. It is the sum total of how strong your character is and you can easily check each an every item attribute from this menu.

It also has its own sub-menu which are Equip skill and Skill training.

  • Equip skill, skills learned can be equipped via this menu, they either boost your default class power upward or probably increases its defense.

  • Skill training, Gaining strength requires some certain amount of time which might take days or weeks, skill training allows players to learn different types of skills, which further boost your class fighting and defense ability.

A link to further describe what each of the hero ability encompass will be drop at the end of this post.



So you found a new item? Inventory, this menu allows players to tweak different types of item to a higher class.

To achieve this, follow the below options.

  • Level-up, you can sacrifice other or the same types of equipment to unlock the various types of attribute available in a weapon/item.

  • Enchant, items usually boost your P.atk or M.atk and also P.Def or M.Def, to increase their various points, enchant comes in play, this requires a certain amount of time to get the work done and the higher your item level, the more difficult it is to unlock the next level.

  • Compose, this does not affect your item attribute in any form but rather, users can craft new items from this menu (if the resources are available), with this option, you don't need to raid dungeons to unlock new weapons, armor and others.



Two heads are better than one, and no one ever said, the other head must be from a fellow human. Pet can improve your class damage or defense ability.

This menu allows users to improve their pet ability and also their various types of skills.



Let's say you found a rare or probably a legendary item which does not match your character build. Well, the shop menu allows users to bid on items and also auction their own items with the hope of it getting bought by other players.

The shop is controlled by every user, there is no guarantee a purchase will take place when you auction an item.



This is where the fun takes place, battle mode currently support three different types of options which are

  • Worldmap, go on a quest and vanquish every foe that crossed you path

  • Dungeon provides the option to loot different types of equipment (be it rare, legendary and others), the higher you climb, the more difficult it is. At the end of the day, the game rewards the top 100 players with game gems depending on the position you fall under.

  • Raid, remember the incentive we mentioned earlier, this is the menu that provides that. At the start of a new week, a new boss is introduced and players are tasked to defeat/destroy it, a reward for boss defeat is made available and players are paid based on the contribution they had to the defeat the raid boss monster.


The game is quite interesting and my time spent on playing different types of blockchain-based game, this is the best I have come across so far.

Crypto Sword and Magic is still in its early stages and already have a good number of interactive community on their various channels, telegram, twitter, and discord who can ascertain the team responds to complaints ASAP and try their best to implement new features which players think might be helpful.

Bugs do occur once in a while, I doubt there is any game available that don't have such, when and if such happens, the team is always available to fix it in the shortest time

Like most blockchain-based game which allows in-game item trading, the problem of low purchase in items can drastically lead to a decrease in price of items and equipment, I wish there was a min or max price tag that could be placed on item rarity, this might lead to a fall in item prices


With a good team that is ever ready to listen to the voice of players, the game is worth playing and also a good start into blockchain-based games.


Ease of use and well-placed graphics with relentless devs makes the game Crypto Sword & Magic, the idea blockchain-based game and I give it a 5/5

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All images used are screenshot from the game Crypto Sword and Magic

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