ExoPlanets - Create, Terraform And Manage Your Planet [Review]

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Many people have been fantasizing about extraterrestrials and space colonization. I remember I once had a childhood fantasy of living in another planet within our solar system. When I got older, I discovered that they were mere weird fantasies. It may not be possible at the moment to create life form in another planet like I used to think, however, the same effect can be replicated in a virtual environment. I present to you ExoPlanets.

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Overview of ExoPlanets

ExoPlanets is an Ethereum blockchain-based game which involves the creation of other planets (called exoplanets), establishing colonies and seeding life forms there. ExoPlanets is all about controlling of territories and managing of resources. Controlling of territories is actually the most important aspect of this game because this is where the incentives lie.

Each game session lasts about 45 minutes and there are about 5 sessions in total (even though this is dependent on the resources at the disposal of each of the players). Once the resources of any of the players are exhausted, they will not be able to perform any other activity, this is the reason each player should manage their resources properly.

Asides the fact that ExoPlanets is a virtual gaming environment, the data (planets, solar system, size, nature etc) are based on real and verifiable facts from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This means that you do not only have fun while playing the game but you also have the opportunity to learn a few things about our solar system, the galaxy and the universe. I believe this is one of the reasons ExoPlanets has earned a place in the State of The DApps ranking.

At the start of the game, each player is required to choose an exoplanet. The player will need to start to explore the planet and they will purchase resources in form of space tiles. Note: When a player creates a territory in an exoplanet, the territory will not be developed. So the development of the territory is based on the players resources. This game is actually an online version of the popular Exoplanet card collectible game.

The available resource of each player will allow them to draw certain amount of energy from the sun to enable them to put life form on the planet. The maximum allowed life form per territory is four, which is then converted to a specie. Any player that reaches the fourth life form first will create a specie and take control of other player's life form. Only one specie can live in a planet, so a player automatically wins a round when they create a specie from four different life forms. The player will be rewarded with cryptocurrency and they can proceed to the next round.

[Image screenshot from ExoPlanets]

The internal ecosystem of ExoPlanets is powered by a tradable ERC 721 token called ExoTokens. With this token, a player can create and seed life forms, create species, establish colonies and perform other transactions in ExoPlanets. Earnings are also in form of ExoTokens which can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or fiat by the players.

Getting Started With ExoPlanets

ExoPlanets is an Ethereum ERC 721-based game, so it is advisable to install Metamask plugin in your browser, so as to enable you make transactions in the game environment.To begin, a player needs to create an account in ExoPlanets, after which they will need to get an Exoplanet.

After getting an Exoplanet, the player will start to collect life forms (with their resources) which the player will use to claim territories and ultimately create a specie. I'm sure you want to have a video representation of ExoPlanets, here's one for you.

[Video credit: ExoPlanets]

Conclusion and Reviewer's Comment

The game "ExoPlanets" does not only serve as an entertainment game but as an educational and instructional material. This is just like a fun way of learning about the solar system and the universe because all the data are verified by NASA. For this, I will give ExoPlanets a big kudos.

While playing the game, you will notice that it is a bit difficult to navigate your way through the ExoPlanets. I suggest that a navigational map should be included in the game to assist players in navigation. On the overall, I give ExoPlanets a 4/5 rating.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is not meant to serve as financial advice, please do your own research.

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