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What is Aragon?

It is a decentralized application built on Ethereum blockchain. It allows anyone to build their own DAO meaning decentralized autonomous organization in this blockchain. Anyone can build an unstoppable and global organization with a bureaucracy-free and communities that use a digital jurisdiction. This is how this project fights for freedom and empowers freedom by creating tools for decentralized organizations.

Different organizations have a critical spending plan for overhead and managerial capacities. What's more, when they execute with different associations, charges, deferrals, and brokers can heap up. This builds erosion on the general economy. Aragon's vision is evacuating that erosion with decentralized associations that work on a common stage.
The vision of the team behind Aragon is to make it straightforward and simple to set up and work for an organization on the blockchain. Utilizing open source instruments and the security of the Ethereum blockchain, the task is gone for developing the corporate selection of blockchain innovation for pragmatic employment.

It is easy to create an organization with Aragon;

Aragon One

At the beginning of improvement, the undertaking depended on the charitable Aragon Foundation to give guidance and backing as the task got off the ground. Aragon One was the initial phase in the decentralization of the venture, supplanting the Foundation. It envelops the group from the Aragon Foundation, including Aragon One CEO, and previous venture lead, Luis Cuende.


As referenced beforehand, the ANT token speaks to an offer of administration on Aragon. It awards casting ballot rights on improvement proposition. The measure of ANT you possess decides the quality of your casting a ballot control.

I do believe that blockchain makes many things easier for anyone. Aragon aims the organizations and helps them with the creation of a community and companies with the help of blockchain in a simple way. As more it gets adopted as more people will know the value of it, it will have more value IMO!

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