Smartsteem - Vote Selling

3년 전

Steem Power Return in STEEM Return in SBD % of Steem Power
515.340 0.130 0.000 0.0252%

The last 30 days pay-out:

7.248 STEEM
0.662 SBD

Converting the SBD at today's price brings the total amount of STEEM returned to 8.694 STEEM spread over 30 days. An average of 0.290 STEEM per day with an investment of 1000 STEEM Power. To fully return the initial investment in liquid STEEM will take 3500 days or 9.5 years (according to today's low prices).

26 days: 1015 STEEM POWER: ~ 0.290 STEEM per day
4 days: 515 STEEM POWER: ~ 0.130 STEEM per day

Steem Power Return in STEEM Return in SBD % of Steem Power
1015.000 0.290 0.000 0.0286%

There is flexibility when you decide to sell your vote to Smart Steem, you can still use your own Steem Power and start a power down if required.

The following days I will be testing and delegating to OCDB. I am curious how the delegated STEEM Power is taken into account when distributing the profit to all delegates as we grow our stake by holding it.

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