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Title:Where did we come from? Why are we here?

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@herverisson ON THIS DAY - December 2nd0.1330.35162.11%2021-12-02
@isaaclab 터키 리라화 폭락과 비트코인 관련 글 소개34.04531.14-9.33%2021-12-02
@harferri Promo-Steem through charity activities - Supporting Children's Education - Distribution of school equipment and supplies for poor students0.3492.56686.4%2021-12-02
@steemitblog The Steemit Awards 20216.27222.0771.58%2021-12-02
@fur2002ks 코로나 확산세가 무섭군요!10.47121.64251.62%2021-12-02
@lemooljiang CryptoMine瞬间空难!0.4750.353-34.56%2021-12-02
@jondoe STEEM Defi - Robinia will continue to offer the best returns in all of STEEM Defi!349.023266.654-30.89%2021-12-02
@ace108 📷#TheDiaryGame 20211202 #BetterLife Santa came to get rain on - 圣诞老人来淋雨😎(by @ace108)0.4281.73875.37%2021-12-02
@happyworkingmom 손 하나 까닥 안하고 거저 얻어먹는 김장김치ㅜㅠ32.98242.37722.17%2021-12-02
@boddhisattva Dancing man4.6283.673-26%2021-12-02
@freedompoint How To Tape and Mud Drywall Like A Pro!0.0330.06549.23%2021-12-02
@leemikyung 늦도록 수다 삼매경-:)125.85495.627-31.61%2021-12-02
@playfulfoodie New World - I'll just log on for one little thing...0.0243.94999.39%2021-12-02
@jrcornel The SEC is a joke...1.9241.746-10.19%2021-12-02
@halo Fuzzy's Vodka Truck08.74100%2021-12-02
@senstless A beautiful morning for a walk2.026.58269.31%2021-12-02
@milaoz Dry Plants on a sunny Day014.721100%2021-12-02
@milaoz A Path along a deserted Road0.01415.49799.91%2021-12-02
@jondoe STEEM Defi - Robinia's Cake Pools are up and running!73.84775.5952.31%2021-12-02
@x22report [CB] Trapped Themselves In Their Own Plan, Tick Tock - Ep. 2642a2.8482.177-30.82%2021-12-02
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: December 1 20210.0590.35483.33%2021-12-02
@neojew 2021/12/2(목)개미지옥1.9361.809-7.02%2021-12-02
@husaini Seorang Nelayan2.3112.8719.48%2021-12-02
@alol Acara Maulidur Rasul2.3432.5879.43%2021-12-02
@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 2/12/20210.2342.78791.6%2021-12-02
@haejin LIRA1.0910.922-18.33%2021-12-02
@x22report States Are Countering The Great Reset, The [CB] Has Lost The Narrative - Ep. 2641a2.6852.057-30.53%2021-12-02
@herverisson FPL Gameweek 140.170.168-1.19%2021-12-02
@haejin ETH0.372.68886.24%2021-12-02
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: December 1 20210.0260.28390.81%2021-12-02
@halo The Lone Tree08.461100%2021-12-02
@jaybird Music for Dance - Improv - Jay Sussman knk00.01100%2021-12-02
@truth-revelation மாணவர்களுக்0.0061.01999.41%2021-12-02
@doodleman Keep doing your best, even though the universe refuses0.1114.90197.74%2021-12-02
@haejin LIRA0.2557.01696.37%2021-12-02
@boddhisattva Peter and Paul Fortress evening view(B&W)3.2892.675-22.95%2021-12-02
@halo New Growth0.0076.76199.9%2021-12-02
@halo Sweat Bee On A Flower0.0047.04799.94%2021-12-02
@yangyang Lunch Time13.76110.348-32.98%2021-12-02
@davedickeyyall The Seahorse Pro..0.4080.4376.64%2021-12-02
@barvon The Steem chart is back in the red today - the price is $0.64830.0320.0333.03%2021-12-02
@cjsdns cjsdns의 창작 시/ 나도 누구 에게인가 덤이 되고 싶다.479.975359.702-33.44%2021-12-02
@milaoz Trees in the Distance0.34715.16697.71%2021-12-02
@pairmike A pull back in all the Stock Market Indices!0.2330.51754.93%2021-12-02
@maneco64 What Would Happen to Gold and Silver in a Deflationary Collapse?0.342.60186.93%2021-12-02
@halo The Folded Leaf0.0093.07299.71%2021-12-02
@jrcornel Miner Hut 8 holding all the bitcoin they mine...0.06914.47899.52%2021-12-02
@x22report Infiltration Instead Of Invasion, J6 Narrative Collapsing, Nobody Escapes This - Ep. 2642b0.0212.04298.97%2021-12-02
@cryptopie 20 Years Anniversary Under Dialysis20.37215.274-33.38%2021-12-02

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