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Title:Beautiful Red Leaf

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AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@rynow My Actifit Report Card: August 19 20210.0290.34391.55%2021-08-19
@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 19/8/20210.3822.65685.62%2021-08-19
@curiesea planetpositives-Jangan Buang Botol Sembarangan- 50% Payout for @steem.amal0.02125.30599.92%2021-08-19
@tata1 유상철 그 이름 속에서 췌장의 폭탄을 찾다-[무료 이름 풀이와 개명 프로세스]0.1321.68392.16%2021-08-19
@venti QR에서 => 백신QR 로0.0640.24874.19%2021-08-19
@arie.steem #16 Daily Chat Contest Season 2 - PRIZE UNLIMITED + 100 Steem "SponsoredBy SK" ( 37 New User )0.835.25684.21%2021-08-19
@milaoz Shrub with small Flowers(black and white photos)0.0070.04985.71%2021-08-19
@x22report [CB] Trapped By The Patriots, Transition Picks Up Speed - Ep. 2556a03.049100%2021-08-19
@milaoz Summer Moments0.01333.55799.96%2021-08-19
@irawandedy Announcement - Winners STEEM Investing Contest 10th0.1691.92591.22%2021-08-19
@boddhisattva Bloody sunset0.9461.41833.29%2021-08-19
@tradingideas [암호화폐] Mine123.896167.84326.18%2021-08-19
@davedickeyyall Throw-up Thursday..0.6970.98829.45%2021-08-19
@truth-revelation ஆசிரியர் பயிற்சி மையம்0.0021.16899.83%2021-08-19
@halo Happy Boy08.912100%2021-08-19
@halo Beautiful Butterfly On A Purple Flower0.0089.18899.91%2021-08-19
@halo Weird Bug0.0368.94999.6%2021-08-19
@jrcornel Wells Fargo launches Bitcoin Fund0.0981.1991.76%2021-08-19
@isaaclab 솔라나 관련 가이드 글 목록 (솔렛, 팬텀지갑, 스테이킹)29.08236.72720.82%2021-08-19
@maarnio Crypto Contest August 19: Tokamak Network0.2050.38646.89%2021-08-19
@senstless Time for another kale harveat2.8622.9071.55%2021-08-19
@haejin Aussie0.43252.43499.18%2021-08-19
@nuoviso NuoViso Comic #3 ist da!5.8847.20118.29%2021-08-19
@rosatravels My Actifit Report Card: August 19 20211.6191.7145.54%2021-08-19
@ace108 📷TheDiaryGame #Betterlife Ginger bad boy - 姜(将)丢弃😎(by @ace108)0.1861.02481.84%2021-08-19
@haejin Oil0.53453.64899%2021-08-19
@ezzy Ultimatum - Part 1 (An Original Short Story)0.061.35695.58%2021-08-19
@jondoe NBA #1 Draft Pick to take Signing Bonus in Bitcoin91.373102.51710.87%2021-08-19
@oldstone 언론중재법과 부동산 가격, 국민을 위한 나라는 없다.470.012528.91411.14%2021-08-19
@happyworkingmom 불가리스와 거봉으로 만들어본 수제(?) 아이스크림29.47836.49219.22%2021-08-19
@yangyang YueBing4.9995.0581.17%2021-08-19
@halo Day Lilly A Differant View08.878100%2021-08-19
@lyubovbar Balloon photoshoot0.511186.70299.73%2021-08-19
@halo ColorSplash ~ Guitar0.0611.30599.47%2021-08-19
@jondoe GBTC discount hits lowest levels since May0.3741.0363.69%2021-08-19
@maneco64 Financial Markets Throwing a Tantrum After Fed Talks About Tapering.0.0573.45698.35%2021-08-19
@halo ColorSplash ~ Mushroom0.0098.94499.9%2021-08-19
@lyubovbar Yarrow macro photo13.44453.56674.9%2021-08-19
@leemikyung 매미, 2021년 여름에 너를 보내며~~105.341118.94211.43%2021-08-19
@tworld 상대적&절대적, 개봉 박두 "브라더 P- Touch Cube 라벨 메이커, 딸이 좋아함"3.5253.7756.62%2021-08-19

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