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Title:Weird Cloud

We recommend giving 24 Percent of Power

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@nuoviso Portugal : Deutschland ⚽️ LIVE (mit Thomas Berthold - Fußballweltmeister 1990)2.0142.1677.06%2021-08-21
@halo LOL ~ Beware Of Frog00.076100%2021-08-21
@senstless Saturday tree trim day....2.5792.8318.9%2021-08-21
@davedickeyyall Lazy day..0.6080.9133.19%2021-08-21
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: August 20 20210.0190.41895.45%2021-08-21
@truth-revelation நான் ஒரு பாடி பாசிடிவ் வக்கீல்0.0471.08895.68%2021-08-21
@boddhisattva Sea sunset silhouettes(B&W)0.0792.2896.54%2021-08-21
@halo STOP0.0119.00999.88%2021-08-21
@milaoz Bright red Flowers0.04628.54299.84%2021-08-21
@x22report We Are In Unprecedented Times,Buckle Up It’s Going To Get Chaotic,Timing Is Everything-Dave Hayes03.255100%2021-08-21
@lichtblick Awesome Food On The Steem Blockchain " Delicious Pho Bo, Noori Restaurant "25.40428.44210.68%2021-08-21
@oldstone 생존의 조건, 과거로부터의 탈출498.802527.195.38%2021-08-21
@halo Avatar World08.893100%2021-08-21
@tworld 상대적&절대적, 밥들 먹자 "하남돼지집, 구어주면 편해요!"4.2384.72110.23%2021-08-21
@alexvan Lifestyle challenge week #211 / Lifestyle Challenge Woche #2110.0640.3983.59%2021-08-21
@ace108 📷To Vegetarian Dinner and a root? - 素食晚餐后见一根😎(by @ace108)0.1041.08590.41%2021-08-21
@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 21/8/20210.332.33785.88%2021-08-21
@happyworkingmom [다이어트 23일차] 식습관이 달라졌어요.27.86536.00822.61%2021-08-21
@gooddream Total lockdown, day 6 of 70.3971.04161.86%2021-08-21
@truth-revelation நான் ஒரு தசாப்தத்திற்கும் மேலாக யோகா உலகில் இருக்கிறேன்0.0461.18696.12%2021-08-21
@haejin USD/CAD FX0.50451.97499.03%2021-08-21
@jondoe Bitcoin going for its 5th green week in a row92.0297.9136.02%2021-08-21
@yangyang Breakfast on Saturday4.8685.2126.6%2021-08-21
@cryptopie My Dialysis Session Went Fantastic Again18.18619.6357.38%2021-08-21
@leemikyung 디어 마이 프랜즈(Dear my friends~)99.358103.8814.35%2021-08-21
@ace108 📷Shooting mynah on Saturday lunch - 星期六午餐摄八哥😎(by @ace108)0.1620.75278.46%2021-08-21
@venti 카페에서 커피 한잔0.1470.3355.45%2021-08-21
@isaaclab 코인베이스 2분기 주주서한 내용 요약본27.79437.31725.52%2021-08-21
@halo Old Silo00.047100%2021-08-21
@cryptopie The Diary Game Season 3: Aug. 21, 2021: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees Or Does It Out Of Thin Air?0.0110.04575.56%2021-08-21
@rosatravels My Actifit Report Card: August 21 20210.0121.68499.29%2021-08-21
@bigram13 Time is flying23.38725.2797.48%2021-08-21
@halo Bullets ~ ColorSplash03.553100%2021-08-21
@halo Cross03.506100%2021-08-21
@husaini Perahu1.3663.18157.06%2021-08-21
@boddhisattva At the beach(B&W)4.818126.74896.2%2021-08-21
@sportsncoffee ⚾️MLB Daily Pick'em Contest 8/21 - Enter Today for a Chance to Win!00.012100%2021-08-21
@jrcornel There are many out there that probably already feel this way...0.0620.47586.95%2021-08-21
@yangyang At cafe1.4875.26271.74%2021-08-21
@haejin Forty Days0.60852.62398.84%2021-08-21
@maarnio Crypto Contest August 21: DEXA COIN0.1180.62881.21%2021-08-21
@arie.steem #18 Daily Chat Contest Season 2 - PRIZE UNLIMITED + 100 Steem "SponsoredBy SK" ( 41 New User )0.14642.75799.66%2021-08-21
@halo Unopened Lilly ~ Creative Art Edit08.794100%2021-08-21
@irawandedy STEEM Investing Contest 11th Edition - New Editon [ FULL REWARD ]1.0292.4257.48%2021-08-21
@arie.steem REPORT : 126 Member/Delegator - PromoSteem Stats Record - 40,521 SP [ 15 AUGUST 2021 to 21 AUGUST 2021 ]0.14342.11199.66%2021-08-21
@boddhisattva Moon or sun?(B&W)0.9751.3326.69%2021-08-21
@fur2002ks [스팀 1만원 기원 프로젝트] 주사위를 쌓아라~ #1966.68677.36313.8%2021-08-21
@mamun123456 bangla cover song:- বলবোনা গো আর কোনদিন ভালোবাসি তোমায়,,,0.0040.16297.53%2021-08-21
@milaoz Gently pink Flowers0.17128.75999.41%2021-08-21
@cjsdns cjsdns의 창작 시410.176447.3668.31%2021-08-21
@herverisson ON THIS DAY - August 21st0.1961.66888.25%2021-08-21
@justyy Visual Studio Enterprice Subscription >= 2 B2s VM1.57238.94795.96%2021-08-21
@curiesea planetpositives- Selamat Hari MaritimLaut Sehat, Nelayan Sejahtera: Panggilan bagi Pembela Lautan.- 50% Payout for @steem.amal0.010.44997.77%2021-08-21
@neojew 2021/8/21(토) 가을장마1.0781.41323.71%2021-08-21

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