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Title:It gives me great pleasure to announce the Winners of the #gifs4steem Competition SBD Cash Prizes.

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AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@karenmckersie Up For A Midnight Snack🍓 Strawberry Short Cake, Whipped Cream & French Vanilla Ice ...0.020.31593.65%2020-07-26
@davedickeyyall Smoking with Alaska 1.0151.34224.37%2020-07-26
@mauriciovite Dinner Time with my Dad and Brother at the Famous Italian Restaurant Cipriani.0.0070.09492.55%2020-07-26
@lichtblick Zeitqualität Ab 26.06. Gültig Für ein Jahr " Blauer Lunarer Sturm " (DE-EN)20.94323.0249.04%2020-07-26
@kaylinart went for a morning run before hitting the grocery store0.0340.55793.9%2020-07-26
@milaoz Portraits in the green of the Branches1.47818.64792.07%2020-07-26
@mauriciovite I Waited 60 mins with my Family to get a pic with Captain America at Disneyland. ...0.0290.10472.12%2020-07-26
@happyworkingmom 장수풍뎅이 기르기~♡19.46326.5726.75%2020-07-26
@hermandadsteem Caminando por Santiago de Compostela13.7213.355-2.73%2020-07-26
@virus707 CRO의 선택은 소각이 아닌 매주!90.92892.9112.13%2020-07-26
@leemikyung 물러가라 코로나~~GYA 소식37.73237.7540.06%2020-07-26
@anahilarski Beautiful sunset the other day. 😜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hermoso atardecer el otro ...0.0660.15457.14%2020-07-26
@uwelang Blockchain Skills wanted - Employers in 2020 want all of YOU0.0242.45899.02%2020-07-26
@tradingideas [일상] ARM은 누구 품으로?63.55692.87131.57%2020-07-26
@steemitblog 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 15 - Mini Challenge #1 - Translation Software9.37131.16269.93%2020-07-26
@broncnutz Simple things can become very scary.0.0450.46290.26%2020-07-26
@tworld 상대적&절대적, Tworld 사전의 지지리궁상 "나는 이길수 있다!!"3.4513.7066.88%2020-07-26
@davedickeyyall The Daily Highlight Reel...2.4392.7099.97%2020-07-26
@karenmckersie Road Trip To Kelowna Today With Road Work Paving Delays, But A Nice Smooth Road To ...0.0110.06181.97%2020-07-26
@boddhisattva Dragonfly2.7572.8463.13%2020-07-26
@stephenkendal Simply staggering.!! Skyfall - cover by @dianakyv. #songrequest challenge by @musicforsteem.4.47711.81362.1%2020-07-26
@boddhisattva Summer morning at the lake0.0320.73595.65%2020-07-26

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