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Title:Take a time to enjoy those little moments in Life.

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@steemitblog 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 15 - Mini Challenge #2 - Photo Editing Software8.69624.75764.87%2020-07-27
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@ramengirl 엄마표 제육볶음 만들기1.2048.64286.07%2020-07-27
@tworld 상대적&절대적, Tworld 사전의 개봉 박두 "LIVART, 여긴 조금..별로.."0.0920.38876.29%2020-07-27
@hilarski That Time We Went for a Carriage Ride in Krakow and We Thought the Cost was $50 Euros ...0.0180.39995.49%2020-07-27
@oldstone 중국을 어떻게 규정할 것인가.128.78145.37911.42%2020-07-27
@freedompoint How To Build A Sustainable House and Life - my thoughts0.9531.9952.11%2020-07-27
@oldstone 아파트 짓자고 사관학교 옮기자는 나라111.406130.24414.46%2020-07-27
@virus707 비트코인은 왜 오를까? II83.98885.2751.51%2020-07-27

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