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Title:THE DIARY GAME :03/08/2020:Team @japansteemit : 今年も活躍している扇風機

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@lichtblick Reblurt, Resteem And Rehive- Word Creation For Insiders (DE-EN)19.54129.35433.43%2020-07-28
@anahilarski The day was beautiful to stay inside. I walked few minutes with my son. 🌿🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 ...0.020.07774.03%2020-07-28
@anahilarski The mind is everything please take care of it. After 4 months of Lockdown I'm working ...1.7811.8775.11%2020-07-28
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@mauriciovite My Whole Family Loves going to Walt Disney World. Its our all time favorite travel ...1.2561.84631.96%2020-07-28
@virus707 스테이블 코인 steem. (부제:누군가 매수 할 때. 누군가는 매도 할 수 있다.....)85.48392.6387.72%2020-07-28
@chrissysworld have a nice Evening APPICS Family... 💖0.0242.45799.02%2020-07-28
@davedickeyyall Bitch came Back 1.2711.4914.7%2020-07-28
@stephenkendal Bitcoin punches through $11,000 on strong Technicals.!! Current Price = $11,131.97 USD (+7.79%). Trend - Short, Medium and Long Term - Strong Bullish.3.4799.59963.76%2020-07-28
@cryptopie I Hope That I Could Gain Some Body Mass Soon1.0441.0571.23%2020-07-28
@freedompoint Please, just do SOMETHING1.0231.0684.21%2020-07-28
@cjsdns 위로가 아니라 응원이 필요해14.85259.77875.15%2020-07-28
@homeartpictures what is completely clear, after almost 5 months in the home office, I am absolutely ...0.3232.88388.8%2020-07-28
@oldstone 미국의 중국 봉쇄, 유럽의 선택은 ?117.357138.51115.27%2020-07-28
@hilarski Horse Drawn Carriage in Krakow, Poland.1.1193.75570.2%2020-07-28
@stephenkendal To help promote steemit and their 1000 Days of Steem Project @steemitblog are giving away free steemit T-Shirts to those looking to help, support and promote steemit.4.74213.13763.9%2020-07-28
@progressivechef Here we go for another birthday cake specially made for our guests.0.020.0450%2020-07-28
@nelyp De cerca y desenfocados2.4337.63968.15%2020-07-28
@halo Spider Wrapping Up Lunch0.2799.9997.21%2020-07-28
@happyworkingmom 아이의 폐렴치료 이렇게까지 해야 하는건가요?15.84825.01536.65%2020-07-28
@leemikyung 실없는 짓?은 아닌가 붑니다.41.83545.1947.43%2020-07-28
@davedickeyyall My Actifit Report Card: July 27 20202.4147.71968.73%2020-07-28
@hermandadsteem ¿Guardarás Silencio?12.99712.83-1.3%2020-07-28
@maarnio Crypto Contest July 28: NOIA Network0.1997.62897.39%2020-07-28

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