New records levels again

5년 전

Whenever we have a spike in price it's become normal to see a rise in user activity.

I've been intrigued to see what the rise to all time highs for the price of STEEM would do and how quickly it would filter through.

As usual I have not been disappointing.

The baseline graphs have shot up.

Returning users are now flirting with the 300 000 level, which is an almost 50% increase from our previous record highs.

The America's and Asia are still dueling it out, but Europe has made a nice jump this time too.

The top countries are as follows... Interesting is Nigeria and Venezuela in the top 10.

By top 10 cities the picture is even more intruiging as the traditional steemit leading cities slip down the ranks to make place for less expected places.

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Fairweather Steemians coming back when the price gets good. They don't realize that to get the most out of Steemit, you have to stick with it during the hard times.


Wise words here!

@gavvet, it seems to be the entire ecosystem got a huge shot in the arm when UpBit entered their alliance with Bittrex and suddenly Steem and SBD became a hot thing on a Korean exchange... and then everybody else got excited about Steem (and Steemit) again.

Translate the numbers by country to percentages of the population, Steemit has by far the greatest penetration in South Korea. Compare no. 1 & 2, US and Korea... close on the chart, but the US population is 323 million vs. S. Korea 51 million... a 6-to-1 ratio.

I am from Venezuela and in reality this community has been very rewarding, not only in monetary matters but also in growth, it makes us rest from the chaos, it helps us explore other options and take experience. Always grateful @gavvet for those days of lighttheworld, a unique and extraordinary experience that left me a reflection of the impressive life.

Venezuela is ripe for a Steem takeover. The people there desperately need alternative ways of earning and communicating that isn't tied to the state or repressed by it.

Cool to see Steem still forging ahead. Very exciting.


Very good point. 2017 showed a huge Bitcoin adoption in Venezuela based on socialized electricity making mining viable and based on using crypto to indirectly acquire goods and products off Amazon where the Venezuelan currency failed.

2018? With Bitcoin more and more showing its creaking over-strained limits? Steem is perfectly poised to sweep in and do a vastly better job on every level.

This graph shows something fundamental: The rise in Steem price is not a fluke, but based on a fundamental: The increase in number of transaction due to a strong user base, and evidence that the network manages this like a charm.

So unlike many others (not all ) cryptos, the price rise has a rise based on something much deeper than mere speculation: the concept behind the coin is put to the test, works really well and has a demonstrates its huge growth potential.

You mention Venezuela and Nigeria. It is funny because I also noted that many new comers are from these 2 countries, just by going through the posts. For Venezuela, it's hyperinflation that pushes people towards Cryptos, making them discover steem and another potential source of revenue independent from hyperinflation ravaging their economy.

For Nigeria, I do not know, but based on my experience interacting with Nigerians, I noticed that these are very resourceful people, maybe able to spot opportunities better than the average...


I´m from Venezuela, and your are accurate, even thought Steem is not that popular here yet, It apeears to be a great opportunity not only to get crytocurrencies but to disconnect yourself for a moment from this reality.


In my opinion, you can use Steemit for more than just escaping reality, but also to try and improve it. Here, this morning, a full 100% upvote at 99% Voting power for you to give you courage in these difficult times.


I'm from Venezuela, and it's totally true, hyperinflation is a fact. Most people are already understanding how to acquire cryptocurrencies to avoid seeing their savings and income disappear with inflation.


I have a good Venezuelan friend, and I feel for you guys. Hopefully, you have a way to save your savings: Cryptos . Communicate what you know and teach your friends that are not familiar with the crypto world yet!


Yes, rightly said. Steemit is one of the few examples where we can actually see an altcoin actually working and doing something meaningful and being used and embraced by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis


Cannot agree with you more. Totally right on Venezuela been driven by an alternative means of livelihood and savings while Nigeria very respectful and youths that don't miss opportunities


thoughtful judgement


Nigeria also experienced very high inflation in recent years.


I thought about that , but do not see it as the main incentive especially when comparing both countries(around 16% inflation and stable for Nigeria, while 800% for Venezuela).




Yes, you're on the money! I'm Nigerian and inspite of all the economic and political instability that nation seems constantly plagued by, one thing you cannot miss is the entrepreneural tendencies in most everybody.
The last time i visited (I now live in the US) i had forgotten how one gets inundated by street hawkers when stuck in traffic, which seemed like all the time.
When I was in college, there were girls who would go to Europe...London, Rome.... for a weekend just to buy items to sell on campus.
Another friend of mine who was raised in the rural areas said by the age of 6 she had3 businesses...selling bread, kerosene and i forget the third one
This also coupled with the high level of unemployment across all age groups most prominently college graduates.
If platforms like Steemit could help provide alternatives to such youth who are victims of their environment and help them put food on their tables then i am so glad to be a part of such a community


Yes, I do see also this platform and the concept it carries like a way for many people to better their lives.

In addition to the little revenue it can bring, which can be quite significant in some countries of the world, it opens the door to education and culture through the many sub-communities that are building up here (like #Steemstem in science, or #openmic in music, etc...).

So your young friend, would there have been a Steemit around at the time, could have been learning new skills while earning money at the same time, instead of selling Kerosene in the streets.


It's not hyperinflation, but it's still at a high enough level to seriously affect people's lives. I am sure it is not the sole factor but I don't think it's a coincidence that two of our primary growth regions are places with very high levels of inflation.


I´m pretty sure inflation in Venezuela is around 2000% .

All true gains and gains I feel we are just scratching the surface of! Steemit is seriously powerful for everyone, those who just wish to write day to day, fund raising, causes, donations, support and for us marketers a unique way to spread our knowledge

How are you able to.attribute cities to accounts?

At the current moment no other platform can compete with the volume of transactions handled by Steem blockchain, which is growing even faster. Looking forward for upcoming SMT's and HF20 .

I'm new to the steemit world. Thanks for the technical data not sure I understand. It's nice to see that there is data to back up why steemit works.

And we're just getting started! $100+ STEEM by the end of the year?

this post is very useful, because I just a few months ago struggled here, thank you for sharing 😊😊💃💃💃

Indonesia #3 wow nice

Great stats for steemit, thanks for sharing

  ·  5년 전

waiting for more price increase.

Guess Nigeria is representing Africa well. I hope to see more African countries like South Africa and Ghana. By end of this year, I predict Nigeria will be top 3 and Lagos number one city with a wide margin, should have been so if factors like power outage and cost of internet does not play a negative role


I believe your prediction will soon become a reality

Are you really surprised at the Nigerian uptake? We have a huge huge youth population that is growing increasingly tech and crypto savvy, phones are getting cheaper and more available and not enough jobs. Redo these charts in six months time. Lagos might be number one by then.

Nothing is impossible.....
Cryptocurrency will soon change the mindset of the world's economists, and the Cryptocurrency Power to the increasingly visible global economy is a belief


Interesting times to be alive.

i was wondering where is my country pakistan and i did,t see it on the list. but one day i hope pakistan will be in this list. thanks for the information

Where i can find that indexes? can you provide the link please?

@gavvet, South asian....Glad to hear your news.
Steemit Platform is the toppest on the Blockchain There is a new social media kid on the block chain. It is taking the internet by storm. Meet the Steemit Platform. For a long-time developers have experimented with different monetisation models for online content. Since the invention of Bitcoin people have looked at different and exciting ways to use Blockchain technology to monetise online content. Creating social media platforms like Reddit on the blockchain, or at least incorporating blockchain tech., has been tried.
Surprise one is China or Japan not enter to this list? China has huge steemit community. But will see may be immediately might. Steemit progress gaining more daily. Alexa's compare chart it seems.
Thanks @gavvet and steemit platform changing me.

The next months will be amazing.. Steem will be busy I guess we need 5% of the capacity soon, lol ;-)

Dear @gavvet,

STEEMIT is a big platform already. Which we from Philippines have enjoyed the benifits of it

For that reason i decided to stop my work in order focus on steemit.
Here in Philippines we love STEEMIT.

Your friend

Thanks for sharing this, actually news about Steemit or related to Steemit has interest from the heart. Glad to see this post

  ·  5년 전

Was astonished when i saw the increment in steem some days back, although the way it is now I'm hoping to see something better in the future...thanks @gavvet for this updating article.

After with steem and SBD price rising we have seen more newbies come and join to steemit platform daily and happen to leave more users from other social medias. Now steemit is the top media platform. Asia and Africa happen more delightful situation via steemit. But China not in this list. @gavvet, why is it? If you know plz advise me.

For me, it is no surprise that Venezuela is among top 10. Due to economic crisis and hyperinflation of their currency bolivar, people could be saving their lives by using Steemit.

Excellent statistics and all the data that you transfixed, clearly show increased activity and most likely this is due to the great interest in our ecosystem and with a significant rise in price of the STEEM. Thank you @gavvet and keep us informed.

Indeed, the indicators have changed a lot. .Steemiti is becoming popular. I think first of all this is due to the high price of STEEM, but the Steemit platform itself has no analogues, where people earn and communicate with each other. What could be better :)

amazing info, is for improve ours panoramic

I think there is a lot better waiting for us in the future,very informative post,its really good.You have presented many unknown information,South Korea and Nigeria enjoyed a lot of performances.

Brilliant insights and every one of the information that you transfixed, unmistakably indicate expanded action and in all likelihood this is because of the immense enthusiasm for our biological community and with a noteworthy ascent in cost of the STEEM. Much obliged to you @gavvet and keep us educated.

Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings! I am a new Steemian, not due to price, but due to being intrigued by a platform that I felt I would fit into perfectly. I have not been disappointed and love seeing the success of this community thus far!

Thanks for these graphs
Surprisingly amazing
It is nice to see returning users and growth in Europe and other unexpected regions of Nigeria. Go Steam!

good work,excellent topic and great

Great analysis. I like your job. Following you and upvoted. Thanks for sharing such a good post

Great post dear,,, But I wanna to see my country(Bangladesh) on the top list.
Hope one day it will be...................

@gavvet such a great post i liked your post
its @rohez

At the present minute no other stage can contend with the volume of exchanges took care of by Steem blockchain, which is becoming significantly quicker. Searching forward for up and coming SMT's and HF20

Inflation or crypto?

is this your Google analytic report, i have also seen in my website USA and european people are more active , than any other country ,no offend please dont take it personally my other friend guys

Yes Nigeria are on the rise on steemit, since they have the largest population in Africa.

Suprised that china is not in the list. Is steemit blocked in china?


No its not the are a lot of posts from people from china in the platform


Good question!

Oh, this is a very good notice men. Thank you for it!

  ·  5년 전

Whenever we have a spike in price it's become normal to see a rise in user activity.
yes agree with you.
there is a great hype now a days about crypto currencies in the most countries.

Steemit is growing by the day. More and more user accounts are being created and also steemit introduces newbies tobthe crypto world. It shouldn't be long before it becomes one of the most visited sites in the world.

Great data reporting. I especially liked the returning user numbers. That is amazing growth.

Thanks for doing what you do! Let's make Steemit grow and be on the flow.

Peace, Gratitude, Love!

Hope steem will grow up day by day .@gavvet

This is great, I live in venezuela and this helps me so much

people are joining steemit all over the world as I em from Asia, Its really a nice community where we interact each other and most important we learn a lot here.

I'm truly excited to see Steemit growing at this rate, and I hope to see it evolve even further as the time passes.

I've not seen any other site that has such a great potential.

Where do I find the full stats?

nothing is impossible. I want to see more information for more users and more information

Thanks for sharing this
As a newbie, i'm super excited
Steemit is indeed growing

This is great analysis - on the Nigerian front, some Nigerians are very resourceful, Lagos is a fascinating place in particular.... there is a particular slum called 'Mokoko' which in which the residents use rubbish and sand to reclaim land from the sea.

HOWEVER, Nigeria is also notorious for internet scammers, it's the home of the 'romance scam', in which people pretend they are westerners and con people into giving money to them once they're ensnared in their emotional web.

I don't want to stereotype an entire nation though of course.

One question - are these geographical stats based on hard geolocation data or just by trawling profiles for references of nation/ city. I'm guessing it's the former?

Turkey will soon enter the Top 10 i think :)

Amazing statistics @gavvet. Seems like America is way ahead of the pack,South Korea at number 2 is understandable given that they are the most networked country with one of the fastest internet on the planet. Thanks for sharing.

Daamn what a great time to get into this.

Very interesting to see the United States and Korea be the top 2 users cohorts in this platform.

Im surprised that Japan hasn't picked up any of this money, since they are a huge blogging, reading nation.

I guess its only a matter of time, or they use the Smart Media Token to create a specific platform for the Japanese Market.

(OMG... light bulb moment there?)

don't be hopeless..
stay with it and get reward

Great your publication, keep it up, brother. Greeting from venezuela.

Perubahan yang signifikan. Perlu diwaspadai.
Selamat bagi yang beruntung.

Let's not despair those numbers will continue to increase.

Hi im cryptogiver i just upvoted and resteem your post please follow @cryptogiver

See other posts on my blog

I am one of returning user, it's not because of that high price of steem. In fact, I don't even know anything about it. About 2 weeks ago, I checked my steemit profile and was shock to find out my steem power has reduced from 39 to 15. I assumed that if our steemit account is on hiatus for more than a month, our SP will get reduced by itself. That's why I returned.
Was my assumption wrong? I am kind of confused here 🤔


SP needs to be active and working to grow.

I'm from europe and im telling them to join on one of the bigest cryptocurrency forums. Many joined cuz i saw they made accounts.

Lots of people are becoming more interested in the platform as per your report. Steemit blockchain, as of the moment, have high volume of transactions handled compared to other blockchains. Also, the platform offers growth to individuals who has great and exceptional potentials. The spike of the price is directly proportional to the increase in user activity.

Informative post by the way.

wow this is a great news thank you bro

Impressive stats. It’s nice to see returning users and the growth in Europe and other unexpected areas. Go Steem!

Very cool to see the platform growing from the start and being one of the first million in the USA =) Steem It will be the next Facebook!

Nice stats! tipuvote! 0.1

It seems, in viewing the graphs that the success of this content site is so stable because of the retention. I can't speak for everyone but after first visit, the drive to return was always there :).

It seems that the whole nature of STEEM currency is in the running for changing the traditional North over South hegemony in this particular area.

Crazyyyy. It's moving in lightning speeds man! I can only imagine all the record breaking numbers we're going to see throughout this whole year. 2018 is gonna be the best year so far for cryprocurrencies overall!

Nice states steem @gavvet

I’m coming from Asia, this platform is new to us....


Well, let´s see it this way, you have a great opportinuty to make Steemit grow there ...


Still figure out how this platform works. =)

Where is Pakistan i'm from Pakistan

I hope Russia will be in top too ;)

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Great to see Nigeria doing well here. Thanks for the insight. I've written about this here

Nice information. Unfortunately, the German Community is not under the top 10. :-) We have to improve in 2018.

And wait, I´m pretty sure in Venezuela steemit is going to grow a lot more, in short time. It has two factors to make it:

  1. the economic situation that force reinvent yourself and your way to make money, cryptocurrencies is a hole new concept to do it. It´s new but we have to embrace it.
  2. the big necesity of isolete from this reality, even thought it is for a few hours. Here ( on steemit) we have the opportunity to do a lot more, help, learn and enjoy!! What else do you want to be happy???

Sincerely, I´ll invite my friends to join. Hope they listen to me....

Great analysis! Let's see how far we can go, but I think first we will have a correction with all cryptos? Don't you think so too?

How cool is this! So many new users, and be aware; Holland is small but many will enter en enjoy the STEEM !!

Great great info @gavvet. My father just joined. He's doing a baseball and baseball history blog. So he is one of the new one's. @yankee-statman he is going by. Really appreciate the support you have thrown my way.

I'm now making a big point to help people under me now. It's been an amazing ride here on steemit and we are just getting started!

Thanks for sharing such great info like usual! -Dan

steem will cross 1000 usd in next 8 months ...

I have a big job to do to promote Steemit in my country Uganda.

If I can make Uganda among the top 30 in December,it will be a success to me.

I am happy our team is growing ever since December 2017,almost each person we talk to now joins wow.

Our next target is spread Steemit to all universities in Uganda this year.

can't accept as true with you greater. definitely proper on Venezuela been driven by using an alternative method of livelihood and savings at the same time as Nigeria very respectful and teens that do not omit possibilities

Excellent information!
Greetings for Venezuela!
Know if up more this stadistic?

What makes unexpected countries and places to be in the lists?

Greetings from Czech Republic, by the way. The country, British minister for Brexit does not know and calls it Czechoslovakia instead.

hello friend I follow you excellent publication, I invite you to go through my blog maybe something you like

Al hierdie tyd, niks spesiaals in my lewe nie
wat my kon laat glimlag en vrolik gelag het
totdat ek jou my beste vriend ontmoet het,
dankie dat jy my geluk gegee het

Statistics shows India is very far behind but steemit is catching up fast in India too. As India is on top in social media like facebook, steemit fever will catch up very fast.
Thanks for sharing useful and interesting info!

Steemit is a great gateway to the cryptocurrency space and gives many non-technical users an opportunity they may not have had otherwise. I am still a big fan of Steemit and the technology behind it. I just have to learn to moderate myself so I do not let it take away from my other crypto related projects. It can be quite addictive if you let it

This is not fair ,Steemit user coming back when the price gets good. They do not realize that they are missing the opportunity on steemit .
By the way good excel work of are very good at itn
We have support steemit and there user
.hala steemit

wow!! thanks for the important info!!