is AMAZING for Tracking Top Upvoters!

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Today I learned how to see my top upvoters with! Thank you @roelandp for making this incredibly helpful Steemit tool which I will demonstrate here because I think it is essential each of us be able to see who is voting us up the most! Would you see if I am in your top list at and share a picture in the comments if so because it might help motivate me to give you even more upvotes?

Here are my top upvoters on my last 34 posts!

I am very grateful for because up until now I have had a very challenging time trying to figure out where to work most at building relationships with my top upvoters because every post has so many votes and not everyone votes on every post! With the data below, I finally was able to get started learning more about my top upvoters, start following them/you, and begin/continue upvoting your/their posts! Going forward I will being checking my top upvoters and friends first for new posts because it is important for each of us to give back to those that give us the most! So far I have done very little of that and appreciate your understanding!

Thank you to @thejohalfiles for being my #1 upvoter in the last 30 days in terms of reward payouts and each of the following for voting on every single post! Thank you to @ancapwarren, @cryptocat, @dinoo, @teammo, @mariaalmeida, @gmichelbkk, @tee-em, @youngkim, @justinws, @reisolutions, and @aarellanes for upvoting every single post! Here is the complete list of the top 100 by voting power. upvoters list.png

Rank Steem User Votes $BD Payout % Shares
1 @thejohalfiles 25 $1,344.38 10.18%
2 @acidyo 15 $577.75 4.38%
3 @snowflake 18 $485.92 3.68%
4 @someonewhoisme 19 $466.28 3.53%
5 @freeyourmind 17 $452.88 3.43%
6 @nanzo-scoop 16 $426.12 3.23%
7 @trafalgar 17 $369.32 2.80%
8 @transisto 5 $333.60 2.53%
9 @craig-grant 12 $300.05 2.27%
10 @teamsteem 16 $297.25 2.25%
11 @starkerz 22 $270.76 2.05%
12 @rok-sivante 17 $229.18 1.74%
13 @roadscape 6 $226.13 1.71%
14 @wackou 14 $223.41 1.69%
15 @analisa 6 $201.72 1.53%
16 @gigafart 26 $194.96 1.48%
17 @damarth 20 $182.41 1.38%
18 @oldtimer 12 $182.10 1.38%
19 @fulltimegeek 4 $169.04 1.28%
20 @theprophet0 7 $162.70 1.23%
21 @robert-call 30 $150.94 1.14%
22 @inventor16 10 $136.38 1.03%
23 @deanliu 23 $133.02 1.01%
24 @somebody 25 $131.13 0.99%
25 @sweetsssj 20 $129.86 0.98%
26 @donkeypong 7 $121.18 0.92%
27 @jrcornel 14 $117.43 0.89%
28 @vcelier 11 $117.03 0.89%
29 @blocktrades 2 $115.60 0.88%
30 @oflyhigh 24 $114.59 0.87%
31 @carface 22 $110.61 0.84%
32 @joele 22 $107.03 0.81%
33 @fyrstikken 5 $96.93 0.73%
34 @michelios 31 $89.21 0.68%
35 @hedge-x 21 $86.03 0.65%
36 @gogumacat 15 $84.46 0.64%
37 @cljg918 11 $83.54 0.63%
38 @julianita 2 $79.45 0.60%
39 @ausbitbank 3 $79.04 0.60%
40 @geoffrey 27 $74.61 0.57%
41 @justinws 34 $72.43 0.55%
42 @slowwalker 5 $66.87 0.51%
43 @livingfree 16 $66.19 0.50%
44 @jamesbrown 26 $63.99 0.48%
45 @james212 12 $63.25 0.48%
46 @canadian-coconut 3 $62.68 0.47%
47 @bayrene 10 $61.61 0.47%
48 @newsflash 1 $61.45 0.47%
49 @xaero1 2 $61.06 0.46%
50 @pharesim 10 $58.85 0.45%
51 @lilmayo 31 $53.08 0.40%
52 @gregm 27 $52.98 0.40%
53 @the-alien 17 $52.73 0.40%
54 @crypto-p 12 $52.15 0.39%
55 @jackkang 5 $51.27 0.39%
56 @kommienezuspadt 22 $49.16 0.37%
57 @officialfuzzy 2 $48.01 0.36%
58 @onceuponatime 1 $42.68 0.32%
59 @dimimp 8 $41.35 0.31%
60 @robrigo 17 $38.85 0.29%
61 @eeks 2 $37.38 0.28%
62 @fabien 3 $36.05 0.27%
63 @kaylinart 4 $35.57 0.27%
64 @aomura 7 $34.15 0.26%
65 @johnsmith 6 $31.84 0.24%
66 @xiaohui 9 $31.00 0.23%
67 @ethansteem 16 $30.58 0.23%
68 @elyaque 7 $30.37 0.23%
69 @barrydutton 9 $30.31 0.23%
70 @kevinwong 3 $30.24 0.23%
71 @dan 1 $29.18 0.22%
72 @tamim 2 $28.18 0.21%
73 @themonetaryfew 21 $27.00 0.20%
74 @pfunk 1 $26.45 0.20%
75 @biophil 17 $25.66 0.19%
76 @herpetologyguy 24 $25.09 0.19%
77 @gringalicious 12 $24.00 0.18%
78 @twinner 1 $23.75 0.18%
79 @sephiroth 9 $23.62 0.18%
80 @fuzzyvest 1 $23.55 0.18%
81 @bue 20 $23.17 0.18%
82 @vortac 1 $23.06 0.17%
83 @grognak 6 $22.87 0.17%
84 @kpine 5 $22.82 0.17%
85 @musicsteem 19 $22.82 0.17%
86 @gtg 1 $22.52 0.17%
87 @steemtruth 10 $22.39 0.17%
88 @roomservice 20 $21.58 0.16%
89 @teammo 34 $21.46 0.16%
90 @itsmein3d 12 $20.66 0.16%
91 @thecryptofiend 2 $20.12 0.15%
92 @master-set 17 $20.04 0.15%
93 @tee-em 34 $19.49 0.15%
94 @g-no 8 $19.23 0.15%
95 @streetstyle 9 $19.23 0.15%
96 @r2cornell 5 $18.94 0.14%
97 @deaddy 3 $18.09 0.14%
98 @creadordelfuturo 11 $17.71 0.13%
99 @walterjay 6 $17.41 0.13%
100 @midnightoil 22 $17.10 0.13%

Would you get to know each of the top upvoters with me because they are helping me to continue being here with you today? I would guess that many of them would be willing to give you upvotes as well if you build a relationship and provide useful posts!

You can even find top downvoters!

top downvoters.png

Please note that the two top downvotes on my posts were part of a sitewide experiment!

Downvoters are very important in our community because they provide a valuable service by removing rewards from some which are then effectively distributed to others. This is certainly fair in cases where top authors are earning a lot and many others are struggling to earn anything. It is also extremely helpful where posts are of low quality and need to be downvoted to reduce visibility.

If you down vote one of my posts, would you please comment with feedback that will help me improve because then I will know how to best adjust what I post to match what is needed? I realize in downvoting you have a very clear reason for doing so and I would really appreciate it if you would explain it to me!

While it is tempting to make out top downvoters as an enemy, I realize that if I am willing to receive all the upvotes, then there is no reason why a few would not also want to adjust the value of some posts down. What I create is far from perfect and I invited anyone down voting to collaborate with me in creating posts that are worthy of upvotes instead of downvotes or at least being ignored!

Thank you for reading this and I hope it is useful for you to discover your Most Valuable Players on Steemit!

If you found this helpful, would you please upvote it because that helps give me the money to make Steemit a top priority? If you think I have room for improvement or the rewards are too high for this post, would you downvote it and leave a comment explaining why you downvoted it because that will help each of us understand how to best work together?

Jerry Banfield

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A Real Steemer will help others. lol


@roelandp thank you for commenting here and for everything you have done to build our amazing community here! I just started witness voting today and you are one of my first three upvotes!


I am commenting here just to get noticed and maybe to get some upvotes.


Well, you can't be faulted for dishonesty.


The excitement about the untapped potentials of the future of steem in your post left me with no choice but to join and make Steem the most sought after on the internet. Thank you @jerrybanfield


As usual, Jerry makes a complete guide to use.


Thank you for sharing I just followed you and upvoting your post. I look 👀 forward to watching you become a great success here on Steemit🤓🙌🏾, re-Steem this post below on your page for a chance to win 100 Steem dollars , it will also help you earn the most out of steemit


It's worth noting that abit and smooth were only downvoting users as part of an experiment to redress voting inequities. Those downvotes would have been no reflection on you or your content.

The experiment also explains, in part, why top authors have large amounts of downvotes.

(I think abit explains the experiment in more detail in one of his posts, if your interested. The experiment ended with the latest hard fork.)


@nanzo-scoop thank you very much for explaining this to me because while I was aware there was an experiment, I had no idea that the downvoting was a part of it and now am happy to learn the reason for the top downvotes. Even for the downvotes for just a few cents, I would be happy to learn the reasons for those too!

Great post @Jerrybanfield, I didn't know about this site very informative and useful. Cheers.

Very nice tool - thanks!

BTW this tool could be handy for you next time you wanna create tables in your blog:

Just copy from Excel, go to the site and select File -> Paste table data... and here you go copy the markdown code for the table into your clipboard. Looks really nice!


AWESOME I added that to my list of links to use with Steemit and will give it a try!


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You may make the 0.1% list by upvoting this comment :p


i upvote you now you upvote me

Excellent stuff Jerry. I see how you put it all together! Immense value here for all to be had. You are brilliant! Thank you.

Cool I am on that list #79!

Thanks for the info


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Jerry is on fire :)

Hey Jerry i just did a post that took me a while and i think it is very useful so if you could maybe check it out that would mean the world to me as it was related me getting 100 followers :) I love your community and I am always up to date with upvoting all your amazing posts ;)


Thanks for the support Jerry! You're 7th on my list :)

This is a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing, as always.

Great app thanks for sharing... being a creative director, I will suggest a few changes on font color... the yellow color should be gold

Yayy, I was mentioned :D

Hey! I'm in TOP-100. Sweet.

And, Jerry its just amazingly helpful site you get to a spotlight. Didn't know about it, my many thanks to @roleadnhp for it!

As of you being my up-voter... no, looks like you didn't voted for even a single of my posts. It's ok... you have only so much voting-power, and I'm wrote mostly at #ru tag.

Great tool, thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield


Okay guys have a look at this article from a new steem member (restlesswanderer)
She is writing some serious content and deserves some upvotes!

Love the work you do to educate us Jerry. I watch every vid you make, you are the sole reason I bought Steem and started a steemit account. Keep em coming sir.

Thanks for mentioning me @jerrybanfield! I checked out this site it was awesome! I checked out my username and you are my MVP lol :D Thanks Friend!


My pleasure Albert! Happy to be your #1 :)

I am number 54! Hurray!

Hey that's really awesome @jerrybanfield ^_^ I also like & and to track big pages and to track my voting power. They really work really well. I'm also going to check out the site you've posted here:) thanks for the great insight!

Cool thing to check, was actually looking for something like that today :D

hehehe that down voter really takes it from you :O
I thought I would have been some where in that list, seems like I need some Power up a little more.

Thanks again for the super update you give us :)

@twinner , seems like you are my biggest voter :D didnt even follow you for that :O sorry man

Looks like I must try harder.. haven't got a single @jerrybanfield vote yet :)

That's a really cool feature, I also like to check voting power of other users. Looks like the usual suspects to me.


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Keep up the good work JB!

You have been making impacts in many areas and raising key awareness!

Great post Jerry very helpful thanks :) Love your stuff hopefully I can be as great as you when i am older ;)

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this awesome application to check up-voters and down-voters, by this we can return the favor who voted us.

Another great post. Thanks jerry for the useful tools and info.


I guess it depends who you ask!

Another gem of information by Jerry

Thank you, this will help a lot!

@jerrybanfield Thank You.You also new on Steemit, but you never stop working to show us all the tools that we need to succeed on Steemit. I appreciate your hard work for the community.

You're my top voter! Thanks for sharing!


Glad to make the 1% group


Same here! Do you have an alternate account?

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@jerrybanfield you are doing awsome job for us
you are guiding us in a great manner
i joined steemit after watching your videos
but still my posts are not making money
please check my posts @affankhan

Damn @jerrybanfield
Today i lost 50 SDB while transfering from Steemit to Polo, in Steemit it shows tranffered but in Polo is 0 🙃

Kinda frustrated here... have any chance to get it back, what shoul i do?

You know is small amount but still...


@hqmafa420 sent 20 SBD to Poloniex an hour ago to test and nothing seen so far. It might take 12+ hours to be credited!


If you say, i really hope for that. But many people kinda says different-you already lost , hmmm
Anyways, you rock. Big respectect from Steemit pioniers from Latvia :)

Thumbs up!!!

This is a great way to find out who gives to you and give back to them!

Excellent jerry a useful tool for us :)

Very useful tool thank for posting this Jerry, although I must try harder, I did not make your top 100 :)

You're my second best MVP @jerrybanfield !! Thanks bro!

It is awesome how API's can let others to make such a great tools instead of waiting for the main developers! Collective work for best user experience

Hey Jerry I like your post maybe you can get some of these guys to help with my cause. YouTube Terminated my account for telling people to come over to Steemit! Here's the link,


Wow thank you for making me aware of this to help me consider this for future videos!

WOW, Jerry I need to do better but I'm just a minnow, give me a few weeks so I can support you better with bigger payouts lol

Thanks for sharing this great tool! I didn't even know this existed!

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Jeez Jerry how did you get almost 5k of followers in less than two months :o??? It depresses me and makes me wanna quit (almost).


Yes comparison is the thief of happiness and can be a good motivator too! As I look up at becoming a Steem witness, the journey looks about impossible to start. I will start it anyway because I hope the journey itself will be fun and it really does not matter how close I get to the top because someday in the not too distant future we all return to zero!

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Give me an advice on how to make my posts more visible and you've got my witness vote. What really gets me is that I feel investing time and effort in writing good blog post feels a bit futile when hardly anybody sees it (but I do it anyway).


Your posts motivate one to believe more in Steem!


Well, he was building his network for years by having a famous YouTube channel, Facebook account, his University, etc. pp. Of course that gives a nice head start when moving to a new place like Steemit.

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You are always teaching me new things. 😀

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You have my gratitude for sharing your wisdom with the community.

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Who would have thought that there would be an ecosystem where the whales help the plankton grow, and not just for a bigger meal

Sharing and supporting good content is always good for others and creators... keep going 😊

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hes way beyond that at this point, hes basically an orca

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Where have u been all my life mehn.

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83rd place. Not terrible!


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well damn, honestly i could start crypto trading using the money made on this like holy shit

It's insane to see that over 50% of the payout you received for these posts came from only 100 people. It'll be interesting to see if this number drops as Steem get more popular. I'm thinking this demonstrates a flaw in which a small group dictate what a big all of Steemit sees but maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?


Yes with the more influence being related to how much Steem Power we each have, investing in Steem Power seems to provide a huge long term reward on Steemit!

77 happens to be one of my favorite numbers. Glad I was able to make the list and I always appreciate the mention.

Incredibly useful tool, thank you so much for sharing.

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