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Amazing...A TINY wig shop in a strip mall.

The sign reads:

Limit 2 customers at a time

Masks are required. Gloves & Hand Sanitizer are provided - please wear gloves or sanitize your hands before entering.

Line forms 6 feet from this sign, maintain social distancing, please. We appreciate your patience and thank you for shopping at XXXX Hair & Beauty Supply.

I had a pickup at the restaurant next door and pulled up just in time to see 6 teens/young adults, not wearing masks & ignoring the gloves/hand sanitizer, walk past 3 people standing in line patiently and try to enter the shop. 😵

Two made it in the door before I heard the yelling. One of the customers could be heard plainly "I don't wear no mask and I ain't waitin' in no line! I'm here to shop." By this time the four not in the shop were quickly backing away from the entrance. The ring leader noticed and said "Where you goin'? We came here to shop and this bitch is going to let us, where's that fat little blond that works here. She'll wait on me." I couldn't here the shop keeper but it wasn't long before I heard, " Go ahead and call the cops you mother fucking bitch, I gots rights. This is public property and I have a right to shop here!"

If you can't practice social distancing and show a modicum of common sense #staythefuckhome.

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