I got censorshipped

25일 전

faith is definetrily lose in steam now, i taught this plattform was to make shitposts and go around dm'ing users for upvotes so i can earn the most for least effort but i guess i was wrong!!

i have over 27 hundred k fallows and i post here since 2009 but still people are attacking me!! they are so jealoujs of my earning skills but i will show them by downvoting them back and making some noice!1

Look, this will show them!

I am asking my follows who view my information posts that i repost here from reddit daily to help me vs this abuse or i will live steem i swear to satoshi

please help, my vp is low i've been upvoting all of my comments in a desperate move to get back what was taken from me go upvoat them so i get more good curation

i am atakked daily on my gaming posts, why do these abusers want to censor them, are they invested in activision's competitors??! hmm must be it there is no other explonation

help plz guys or i will leeve you, you chose

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I'm so sorry for loss dear

Please look my blog when you chance sir

I have nice photo



Beauty full photo dear

You are well come to my blog too see my photo


I see photo on 7 alts before today but will use tomorrw


i will give you tipu if you give me

Came in expecting a serious post. Get outta here with this bullshit. Haha, gotta have fun at times I suppose.

Have you received your daily attack yet today?

*attack your post


stop abusing me!


okay, i will surrender for 24 hours.

I always found that deepcrypto8 a shady account! Moving all that steem back and forward, it smelled fishy to me from the start!

Show them who's boss and give some earning skills classes to them. I'm quite sure after tonight's chat on discord there's a market for that!

I grew another pair of abs and my jaw hurts from laughing ... Shall visit the loveshack more often!


Step 1. OMG guys I’ve become censored!!!!!!

Step 2. CRYS!!!! I’ve lost faith in X platform.

Step 3. Make trending.

Step 4. Announce faith has been restored after cashing the check.

This is why we can't have a nice things!!!!

"Pls dnt lve, tink uv al da mony u cn maek." ~Gooby

keep your good work Continue. we are stay with you always.💖💝💗

great satire sir

will upvote again

had hearty laugh


much haha

thank you sir



plz helpp


i help,,, u help??


i send u thots and prays


maybe u can make upvote and then immediately u downvote sir

to confuse the enemiez

great strat

i am much help

hero me


maybe u can make upvote and then immediately u downvote sir

woah how u cum up with this u evil genie

thx thots will help alot

Steam has lot of hater pupils in it! I get tired of these shit fee's i pay evertime i do nothing to help out !


You upvote, follow and resteem me and I upvote you dear.


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d0n worri, yourenot alonE (sh*t, I can't give tipu, I noticed it while I was writing the comment hahahahaha). i upvoted you take a look at my bloog :)


My fav word. All of them are great but this one was just...

Look at your activity first.
You are using @OCDB to do downvoting because it is something you don't understand.

Do you feel bad received downvoting?

Your post also just seems to be an abuser to anyone.


Why don't we look at your activity?



I maked a frend 2day two.


Aws I remember all the steem he made with his memes on decentmemes.com, rip


Ohh I like meme. I'm sür we will good frends.

What was this...😡😡
It was the result of their jealousy. But it's not right

overreacting :)

Ha! They don’t know, I was using bitconnect to earn crypto instead! Guess Steam is another ponzu! Better yet, we should all migrate to to dtube! They have their priorities straight! I’ll send you my referral for free coins, ya? Also will tag steam cleaners for noticeability!!


no u take my ref

Please don't leave sir
Sometimes people will have bad times, so it is best not to give up.

Did you start losing faith in Steam?

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yes it keeps asking me for 2fa 2much

hahaha... awww. pooor baby!1

I have upvoted this sir don't leave.
may you have a blessing day

I could not find your hidden posts.
Why you send someone 1.337 STEEM?
Did you know if you add 1+3+3+7 it is a bigger than 8?
I would help you but I lack skills.
I only have figure 8.
I am not insane.

Realy great post mr. @acidyo
I reallli like your inglisch wraiting knolege.
Yu putt sooo mani eford in thys post so i lefft you a upvote. Pleese visitt my blog too. Vote 4 vote my deer friend.

Don't take it too serious ;-)


More steem for me

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Is this satire of real feelings? I'm a bit torn. I see that you've received some serious downvotes so maybe it's real. That's too bad

I don't know what's going on but this post feels... Off. Why use "Steam" instead of Steem? I thought you were talking about the gaming platform at first.

And if that person downvotes you, why did you send steem to them?

And finally, Steem wasn't around in 2009... Are you talking about Reddit?

Anyway, check your tags, you might have used the wrong community tag on these posts. I don't think someone will downvote a post with 500+ voters without a strong reason.


The post is sarcastic (about what's hapenning here lately). Don't worry

  ·  25일 전

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Nice photos, no filters. Amazing

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Lol gotta give it to you, you really sounded spammer 😂

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I'm so confused, at first I thought this was satire about kingscrown, but near the end, I don't know anymore.


whotf is kingscrown? this man just need upvotes, his content is being censored, arent you seeingggg it????? a.m sure youre part of the @haeyin mafia


His grammar is better than this, so I doubt it's serious.


Kingscrown is well know for misspellings and bad grammar in his posts.