Christmas Squid Preview - Not Quite Krakenish Though

4년 전


Since I've announced that I will draw a Christmas-themed Steampunk monster, I have decided to post the above preview of it. Chibi Style!

That's basically how the Kraken would look like but not that cute, more detailed, and I promise I made more effort for it. But for the meantime since it's really hard to draw, just enjoy the cute preview above.

All images original, edited or photographed by @artofsteempunk.

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My first thoughts:

Oh Cthulhu-tree, oh Cthulhu-tree,
In R'yleh you lie waiting.
Oh Cthulhu-tree, oh Cthulhu-tree,
Your slumber soon abating.
You waken soon to bring us doom,
And rise up from your sunken tomb,
Oh Cthulhu-tree, oh Cthulhu-tree,
My sanity is fading.