The Making of Sahmeran - Steam Punk Snake Goddess

4년 전


Hi everyone, I made a drawing again. After looking at The Manual of Aeronautics I decided to make another one by using Sahmeran as my reference. Sahmeran is a walker that's designed after a mythical snake goddess. Although it's called a walker, it doesn't actually walk, it slides through land using those array of mechanical feet under its belly.

The reference image I used for this one is the Sahmeran photographed above.

Here is the Step-by-step process of how I created my drawing:


I started everything by sketching the basic shapes and features of Sahmeran using a pencil (I actually don't have one so I just used a spare mechanical pencils lead wrapped in tape). Afterwards, I started using an ink pen to draw its head.


After that, I just continued drawing with pen, this time drawing more of its plates around the shoulder and chest part. Then I added its arm and finished some back plates too.


I added more details in it like drawing those legs near its chest, completed most of the plates. Then, I started drawing more and now our drawing is almost complete. We just have to finish it's tail last.


Now, I present the finished ink sketch of the mythical snake goddess Sahmeran. I won't stop there though. I've loaded this drawing into Photoshop and started adding more details into it, I also included further clean-up and fixes on some parts of my drawing.

Digital Post-process


The Sahmeran in its 'digital' form. I made the colors plain for this - to keep it as a basic stock photo that I can use to add variations for the designs of this walker.


This is where I make it colored. To make it look more lively and to add in a Steampunk theme into it. I added other effects into this drawing, namely Cutout effect, Pattern Overlay, and some more basic ones (setting layers into multiply, overlay etc). I gave it a texture silver-looking plate armor and gold-colored mechanical inner-workings. I also added a crystal effect on my background to make it look more appealing. I hope you enjoyed reading through my post and viewing my art all the time.


All images original, edited or photographed by @artofsteempunk.

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Looking great, That's amazing art


Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  ·  4년 전

Neat design ! Thank you for sharing your process !


Thank you so much @alcy! I've viewed your work, you're amazing. I rarely make my own design, mostly copies. I need more practice for it. maybe I can start by making my concept characters. I'd follow your advise on your blog posts.

  ·  4년 전

haha thank you very much, but I'm still beginning x) I will try to do my best to put quality content then thank you so much ! If you have any questions or feedbacks feel free to drop me a message on Discord =))
I have seen your avatar process, it's the good way to go keep it up =D

Congratulations @artofsteempunk!
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Thank you so much! :D i was surprised by this.

I love your art! Especially when you edit them afterwards!