Ursa - Fighting Bear

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Hi guys. As usual The Manual of Aeronautics has been a great drawing reference material again. I made a drawing using a Fighting Bear as my reference. Russian fighting bears are famous for their ferocity and strength. As tall as houses, they are able to carry riflemen and cargo at forty miles per hour speeds. They engage with claws a& teeth while their riflemen fire down from above, when charging the enemy in combat. These fighting bears are difficult to handle, however, and once out of control they can turn on their own crewmen with no mercy.

Materials used for this drawing (insert pencil here):

Photo Sources: M U Library + Jackson's Art + Paley.

The reference image I used for this drawing is the Fighting Bear photographed above from the said book.


The first thing I did was sketch out simple outlines using pencil. After doing so, I started inking its eyepatch and then onto completing its headgear.


I then added more shades and details, still with ink, on its headgear. It will be pretty hard to draw since there are 2 dominant texture in this drawing: Metallic & Fur . Both of which are hard to sketch using pen and ink, especially when you haven't got the hang of it yet. I settled with some basic shading and unruly lines that kind of resembles fur.


I continued adding more details onto its fur as well as on its headgear. It even has a battle scar on its snout. Here you can see my finished drawing:


I have only added some basic effects in this drawing and I tried to be as consistent as before. I drew this a bit bigger, it measure roughly 3 inches width by 4 inches height so drawing this was more difficult and took a longer amount of time since shading things take most of my time doing this artwork.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my post and viewing my art all the time.


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Thanks! That bear looks rad! I have updated my post btw.


Oh nice you added the drawing process, but cannot longer see the final work :/


I apologize - the first photo that I think you saw was the reference only. :)

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Wow awesome! Makes me think of Bearmaggedon! Haha. Followed. I can't wait to see more!

Omg so much detail and good effort. Good job👏

Great drawing for bearish times ;)

yeeeaaahh .. bearish power ... you have the power...

blessings thanks for share

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I love your art style! Being able to draw on this level with such detail is something I aspire to. I look forward to any art you post in the future.